The Directorate of Education, GNCTD, envisages to provide diverse avenues to amplify global knowledge of students. The United Nations Organisation whose stated purposes are to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations amongst nations has designated specific days, weeks, years in order to promote awareness and action. These events are organized so as to enable students to understand, respect and appreciate these objectives, and expose them to global events paving the way to develop a crucial and critical understanding. The celebrations involve:

  • Awareness campaigns through Presentations / Speeches
  • Preparation of a bulletin board on sustainable Development
  • Quiz competitions
  • Encouraging talks by inviting specialists.
  • Inclusion of celebration
  • Games competition

World Population Day – 11th July

CFS students participated in several events to make an international “WORLD POPULATION DAY” a springboard for awareness-raising actions. The following events were conducted 

  1. Classes 1 to 5 showed a video on WORLD POPULATION DAY and the teachers discussed its various agendas in simple language.
  2. Classes 6 to 8 drew posters on the following topics
  3. a) Class 6 topic “food shortage”.
  4. b) Class 7 topic “Gender inequality” 
  5. c) Class 8 topic “Gender ratio”
  6. Classes 9 & 10 article on World population day.
  7. Class 11 & 12 prepared a graphic collage and ppt on agendas and problems on the population explosion

In the morning assembly a speech on the UN and population explosion was given to inform the students about the objectives of special days celebrated by the UN. Video on the UN Council and the need to celebrate it was posted in class groups and shown on the classroom smart board.

Nelson Mandela Day – 18th July

Mandela Day is a global celebration that is observed every year on 18th July to honour the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. The day was officially declared by the United Nations in November 2009, with the first UN Mandela Day held on 18 July 2010. This day is a call to action for individuals, communities, and organisations to take time to reflect on Mandela’s values and principles and to make a positive impact in their own communities. The students of Classes 6 to 12 celebrated the day by spending time in the vicinity of the school and took surveys to understand the challenges and issues around and prepared a report on solutions they can foresee.

World Chess Day – July 20th

World Chess Day was celebrated to foster intellectual Brilliance and Sportsmanship. An Inter-class Chess Competition was organised to promote Chess in the School. The competition aimed to celebrate the age-old game of chess while nurturing the young minds’ cognitive abilities. Beyond the thrill of victory and the lessons of defeat, the championship instilled valuable life skills and cherished memories in the participants. Such initiatives serve as a testament to the School’s commitment to holistic development and the encouragement of co-curricular activities that complement academic pursuits.