Cambridge Foundation School has contributed 56 years towards education. Our Mission is to provide a dynamic learning environment in school that is committed to achieving excellence in academics. Our School provides a nurturing climate for children, caring teachers to facilitate the development of 21st century skills.

Our students are our priority and at the heart of all our planning. Our Vision is to generate world graduates, who possess the crucial skills and be the fore-runners as responsible citizens of a global community. We have inherited our vision from Mrs. Sheila Verma and Shri. Brem Dutt Verma, who laid the foundation of the wonderful institution to create an inclusive and accepting environment where everyone is equal. Leading by example they taught us all to be welcoming, approachable and thoughtful in our actions.

From a humble beginning in a small house it’s no mean task to build such a massive institute spread across 4 acres. Dear Aunty and Uncle as we fondly call our Former Chairperson and Principal set a hard act to follow. But our current Principal Dr. Anita Puri was an able pupil who imbibed the lessons of leadership and grit at her parent’s feet. Under her able leadership the school is progressing by leaps and bounds. We stand at the exalted 2nd Position among the Top Schools in West Delhi. Leading from the front she has raised the standards by promoting a school ethos and school pride which is underpinned by core values of honesty and sincerity.

A curriculum with a securely embedded intent and implementation that is coherently planned and sequenced. It is designed to meet the requirements of the National Education Policy (NEP).  A strong emphasis is placed on speaking, listening, reading, writing and mathematics.

A pupil’s work is either subject based or sometimes organized through a topic approach spanning two or more subjects. It also includes cross-curricular areas in the form of Art Integration. Staff with consideration of the varying abilities, use both whole class and group teaching strategies. Extra help is available for those children who have additional needs.

Our curriculum is carefully structured so that each year the children’s knowledge and skills are reinforced and extended. We have a whole school approach to our work, with all staff working closely together enabling each child to make an easy progression from one year to the next.

The Atal Tinkering Lab is another feather in CFS’s cap. This Lab aims at enhancing critical thing and hands on experimenting with technology. Embracing technology is our forte which is evident in the recent additions of solar panels covering the roof top of our school. We are humbled by the prospect that we were given an opportunity to give lending a helping hand towards the upliftment of the society by standing as a pillar of support for the women inmates of Tihar Jail by providing education to the young children.  

The closure of the Schools due to COVID-19 saw a dominos effect with everything falling out of place and coming to a standstill. In these testing times CFS geared up to face the challenges and the transition from offline to online mode was swift and smooth. Online teaching, assignments, PTMs, competitions the whole works!! Implementing the timely interventions that were carefully monitored to ensure they are effective in narrowing the gaps in education. The credit goes to the entire CFS Fraternity and the cooperation of students and parents.

When at last it was time to re-open the School as per the orders of the Delhi Government, the safety and welfare of pupils and staff is the paramount principle for all planning. The School has a robust monitoring system in place to ensure control measures that are effective. Staggered arrivals and departures, thermal screening, sanitation of the entire school became mandatory.

The School has made many advances and achieved greater heights. What impresses most people is that the CFS does not believe in just looking only outward but rather much more emphasis on its intrinsic value system – the quality of its human capital and harmonious growth of its students.

Cambridge Foundation School has re-affirmed its reputation as premier educational institution by being Ranked as the 2nd Best School in West Delhi in an independent survey conducted by the Times Group for the Year 2021. Click here for Details