Cambridge Foundation School, now with 53 Years of Magical Thinking behind it has been an example of perfection in every aspect of education. Its holistic strategic cutting edge presence in expediting children’s overall growth and development makes it stand apart. Everyone here, starting from its founders, the iconic Mrs. Sheila Verma and her husband, the Late Mr. Brem Dutt Verma are passionate and tenacious initiators who thrive on developing practical, innovative and elegant solutions to complex problems for each new generation who have been constantly confronted by various impediments on their way to progress by always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, thus advancing the process of human development.

July 4th, 1966 – The journey thereafter has been of constant rise and rise of the stupendous success of CFS. The School never gloats and basks in its success. In fact, it is a fuel and a motivator to do even better for the world of education. It is always in a perpetual rearing to go mould looking ahead at the reverse countdown for the tasks to be accomplished during the period to follow.

Historically, the School has a strong belief that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will sail you through. The ever changing jigsaw puzzle that is India and the systems ingrained therein particularly in the education system which has seen and experienced several incarnations, styles, theories and philosophies, our own philosophy of ‘Stand Apart’ and yet ensuring the underlying unity beneath this cacophony is always visible.

With all its diverse group of people having their own philosophies, culinary preferences, trade and ethical and religious practices raises the bar of social, educational and economic commitments. It is the foundations on which CFS has so far evolved and shall forever continue to do so. Despite many imponderables, the tide of success continues. Despite all the social and economic diversities, the School is fast marching towards meeting the high aspirations of the New Rising India. Little wonder, CFS stands tall and is becoming increasing more visible under the auspices of the current young and dynamic management dispensation. There has been a huge synergy in everything at the School.

From small humble beginnings to a landmark in West Delhi, the School spread over a sprawling 4 acres campus is a household name in not only the vicinity but in the entire educational fraternity. Its Alumni are spread far and wide across the globe holding distinctive positions to manage and shape policies towards development. CFS is indeed proud of its rich legacy for it is this that binds us together as a distinctive family in an otherwise generically global culture. Replete with anecdotal evidences of outreach initiatives over several decades, the School provides a varied but united perspective to enable students have a meaningful engagement with society and become leaders in nation building.

Over these decades, and more so during the last decade, some of the finest minds as the current Principal, Dr. Anita Puri have pioneered certain ground-breaking pathways to provide students with a challenging and relevant education. An example of the School’s socio-economic development of standing up to the needy is truly reflected in its initiative on providing free education support to the children of women jail inmates at Asia’s largest prison, Tihar. By stretching beyond traditional academic routines she along with the Manager, Mrs. Meena Malik have innovated new systems to ensure students grow and enhance their overall capabilities.