The Celebrations Begin !!! 

Instituted under the aegis of Brem Dutt Verma and Sheila Verma, the embryo of CFS has now grown into a mature and a blossoming plant and under its covert unfurls the entire system. Since its inception in the year 1966, the institution has entered into the 50th year of its journey on July 4, 2015.
The commencement of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations was announced in the morning assembly. Mr. Subhash Arya, Mayor of S.D.M.C. West Zone, the living legend, Sheila Verma and the School Manager Meena Malik graced the occasion.
The Chief Guest in his inspiring address encouraged the students to perform well and take the fame of CFS to greater heights. The ‘Swarna Jayanti’ song by the School choir enthralled the audience. Hundreds of ballons were let off in the sky to spread the glory of CFS far and wide. Ms. Sheila Verma also inaugurated the ‘Wall of CFS’ that shall keep inspiring us all through.
The students of the primary classes planted saplings commemorating the occasion.
The School Principal Anita Puri announced that the celebration of Golden Jubilee of the establishment will be celebrated over a period of 365 days. CFS has indeed been able to achieve its intellectual power house and prestige in various curricular and co-curricular activities and extensively earned high credentials into its coffers.

CFS’ Contributions For Tihar Inmates
The commencement of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations set the ball rolling for numerous activities in the school. The School is committed to the community where we live and work. Our sincere pledge is to help where it is most needed. We at CFS feel and strongly believe that we may not be able to do everything but we definitely can do something for the society. We will not let what we cannot do interfere with what we can do. With this noble thought in mind on 13th August 2015, the School donated Six Computer Systems and tables to the Women’s Cell at Jail No. 6, Central Jail, Tihar. It was a humble effort on the part of our school to open the doors for a better future for those who are ready to embrace change.
On 14th August 2015, under the aegis of the School Founder Ms. Sheila Verma, Manager Ms. Meena Malik and Principal Ms. Anita Puri, along with a few teachers and students, visited Jail No. 6 along with a few teachers and students. They met the Superintendent of Jail No. 6, Ms. Anju Mangla and inaugurated the Computer Systems in the Lab which were formally handed over to the Authorities. A Painting Competition was held for the inmates and their children. The inmates who secured the top three positions were awarded cash prizes. The young ones were also given prizes for their artistic exhibits. The children performed a dance and sang a patriotic song for the gathering. The students of our school staged a Nukkad Natak which was well received by all. The proceedings were followed by Vote of Thanks by Ms. Anju Mangla who presented the School Manager and the School Principal with a gift and memento. Ms. Anita Puri addressed the gathering and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for getting this opportunity to serve our community. Ms. Meena Malik thanked the Superintendent for her hospitality. She praised the children of the inmates for their excellent behavior. The Authorities were informed that educators from the school will visit the jail and teach the children there. The memorable day came to an end with the Cambridgeans bidding fond farewell to the inmates and their children with a promise to visit them all again soon. This day will be etched in everyone’s heart for all times to come.

Donation of Non-perishable Food Items to Samarpan in association with Food-A-Thon
Committed to the cause of saving lives, transforming communities and renewing hope, Anita Puri, Principal, Cambridge Foundation School, Rajouri Garden inaugurated a week long Food Grain Collection Drive, another of the host of many other activities launched by her to celebrate the Golden
Jubilee year of the school. Providing food for the poor and destitute as its main objective, it also contributes immensely towards helping end hunger and poverty. 2150.856 kg of food in the form of non perishable items like Rice, Pulses, Wheat flour and cooking oil were collected by the students and donated to Samarpan School for the underprivileged children in Kishan Garh, Vasant Kunj. The Cambridgeans visited the school on 20th August, 2015 to instill hope and confidence in the lesser privileged children at the school. Several activities like Antakshri, Colouring Together, Quiz, Talk show on Hygiene etc. were conducted and prizes awarded to the winners in the form of health food. To inculcate the importance of hygiene, a presentation was made to spread awareness. Cooked meal was also shared with the children at the school. Besides serving the community, the program also created consciousness amongst CFS students in humanitarian principles and also offering a helping hand to the needy. The program was held under the auspices of Food-A-Thon and the Principal assured the organization of her continuous service to humanity. Her vision is a global community, free from poverty and hunger where each individual can reach and achieve their full potential. We at CFS are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished so far but we hope this will be our first of many partnerships with different communities.

Library Week
The School organized a Library Week from 31st August 2015 to 3rd September 2015, for Classes 6th to 10th as part of the year long Golden Jubilee Celebrations. The events had various Inter Section competitions such as Advertising Books, Quiz Forum, Raps and Jingles promoting Reading Habits, Potrayal of famous Scientists and Mathematicians etc.
Showcase on Pollution / Waste Management / Teenage Problems
Keeping in mind the ongoing celebrations of the Golden Jubilee Year, on 10th October 2015, Classes 6, 7 & 8 organized a Showcase-cum-Exhibition on Pollution, Waste Management & Teenage Problems. The Classes were decorated with Charts, Models, Flash Cards etc., bringing on a completely new look.
Operation Nirbheek
The School in collaboration with the Delhi Police, convened a workshop on Operation Nirbheek on 28th October 2015 to educate the girl child on how to be intrepid and undaunting in the situation of eve teasing. The School Principal Ms. Anita Puri introduced the Police Officials; A.C.P. Suresh Kaushik, S.H.O. Sunil Mittal, Inspector Dinomica Purty and Sub Inspector Parvesh Kumar to the assembly of children in the School’s auditorium.
Celebrating Diwali with Tihar Inmates
In its humble effort to provide happier moments to the Jail inmates and their children at Tihar, the School distributed sweets, chocolates, etc. along with Tri-cycles, puzzle games and winter clothing to mark the celebrations of the Diwali festival
The Career Conclave
The School, under the guidance of Ms. Sheila Verma, hosted the Career Conclave on 28th November 2015, in continuation with its ongoing Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations, with a panel of well regarded field experts and professionals from wide variety of vocations who gathered to interact with students and their parents to enlighten them about various career options.
Adoption of Darya Khan’s Tomb – A Heritage Site
As a part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the School adopted the Heritage Site, the Darya Khan Tomb, which is a symbol of our history and culture. The tomb had been built for Darya Khan who was the Chief Justice in the reign of Bahlol Khan Lodi, of the Lodhi Dynasty and dates back to 1451 to 1526.
Library Week Classes 1 to 5
The Library Week events for Classes 1 to 5 was organized from 30th November 2015 to 4th November 2015. The various events were Rhyme Enactment, Enacting a Moral Story, Famous Speeches, Recitation of Dohas and Couplets, Recitation by Puppets, etc.
Cyclist Safety Event
There is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of Service to someone in need. Keeping in mind the ongoing celebrations of the Golden Jubilee year, the School, under the guidance of Principal Mrs. Anita Puri, organised a “Cyclist Safety Event”, a roadside camp on main Mayapuri Road
The Golden Jubilee Gala Celebration
“We are all born with a divine fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire and fill the world with the glow of its goodness”.
Pomp and splendor accorded honour to the theme of the year. Students of classes 6-12 presented a resplendent pageant of art, music, dance and drama in the culmination of the year long journey of rediscovering our own self.
It was a colourful morning of ‘GOLDEN JUBILEE’ at the Talkatora Stadium on 30th July, 2016. The school band in strength played a medley of pieces. Enchanting tunes especially captivated the listeners and savored the flavor of music and rhythm. Audiences were enraptured by the heady melody and added to it was the invocation to the muse performed in the form of Shanti Mantra. The scintillating Sufi presentation was indeed picturesque by the school choir. The students through an hour long presentation of a ballet ‘BHARAT–EK-MISAAL’ an interesting amalgamation of music, dance and drama with the message that our country is a symbol of unity in diversity, peace and harmony by philosophers such as Mahatma Gandhi the father of our nation, Buddha the great saint, Ashoka the great underlining the importance of righteousness, socialism and democracy. Along with this we went on a cultural tour of India with the rhythmic Indian folk dances. These were dances from across the states of our country. The Kashmiri dance was a worthy successor to the melodious and feet-tapping Rajasthani dance Kaalbelia. Then we witnessed the upbeat of Manipuri dance and finally, the Kathakali the last but not least was the Goan dance that added another dimension to the ballet. It also drew attention on the issues of rising intolerance and endemic inequality that afflicts the society today. Manager Meena Malik welcomed the distinguished guests and took an active part in hosting the occasion. The School Principal Anita Puri presented the Annual Report of 2015-16 highlighting the meritorious achievements of the students in Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas.
Mr. Vijay Goel, Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, Chief Guest on the occasion presented awards to meritorious students for excellence in academics and co-curricular activities. He is the winner of global excellence award and Sur Sadhna Award for his contribution to the field of heritage, culture and development. He congratulated the winners and said “Teachers are engaged in transforming the lives of students. School is an instrument of change-teachers is not just information disseminators as internet has all the information. They are mentors, inspirers and guide to students. A novel finale presented a replica of patriotic fervor through an assembly of all the performers of the ballet against a pumping, pulsating soundtrack. The modern world had become inextricably linked in rediscovering the potential of India in all aspects. The audience sat back overwhelmed witnessing the spectacular show and making it a memorable one. The proceedings were offered a vote of thanks by the Principal Anita Puri as a resounding ovation feted the performers and their facilitators followed by national anthem. The day ended with every glittering star carrying a feeling of happiness and achievement within itself.