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The School’s ATL Lab which was setup under the guidance of Principal, Dr. Anita Puri was formally inaugurated on 11th February 2020 by Mr. Anurag Tripathi, Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education, Mr. Ravi Kalra, Founder & President, Earth Saviours Foundation and Dr. Anita Puri.

Activities 2023

Design Thinking framework to design and construct a mechanical grabber. Students learned about the scissor mechanism and pivot point.

Students learned to use switch with the series and parallel circuits and finally constructed traffic light circuit using 3 led and 3 switches. Students learned the internal construction of a 6-pin push button in detail viz. NO, NC and common terminals and their interconnections.

Students learned about the difference between series and parallel circuits. Students also learned how to solve series and parallel circuits by applying Ohm’s law.

Students learned about internal circuit of breadboard, how to use breadboard, how to use multimeter, basics of voltage current and resistance, difference between AC and DC current.

Students learned the following -:

1)     Basics of voltage, current, resistance.

2)     Open loop and close loop circuits.

3)     Conductive properties of graphite.

Community Day

The School organized a Community Day for the Partner Schools associated with CFS under the CBSE Hubs of Learning Programme on 14th February 2020. The primary aim of the Community Day was to provide the students of the Non-ATL Schools with a hands-on experience on electronics, 3D Printing and basics of robotics. The Workshop was conducted by Mr. Naresh Sethi and was attended by Teachers and students of Govt. Boys Sr. Sec. Schools associated with CFS under the CBSE Hubs of Learning programme.

The Workshop involved the following disciplines:

  • Use of Technology in various fields
  • Hands-on on assembling a Solar Panel
  • Presentation on concepts of Electric Cells and Conductors
  • Demonstration of 3D Printing

Tinker Fest – November 2020

The School organized a Tinkerfest in which saw a participation of about 200 students, including 70 students from neighbouring Schools. The 5 day technology workshop apprised the students of the rudiments of Design Thinking, 3D Designing, Tinker Cad circuit making, and coding etc.

Contraption Traction – Pan India Inter School Competition – December 2020

Under the banner of the 2nd Sheila Verma Memorial Pan India Inter School Competition 2020, the Contraption Traction Inter School Event was organized on a Live Virtual Platform. Students from various all over India, presented working models/prototypes based on the theme of solving community problems using Arduino Board.

Gizmo Prodigy – Pan India Inter School Competition – August 2021

In August 2021, the School once again organized an Inter School Competition titled – Gizmo Prodigy as part of the Brem Dutt Memorial Pan India Inter School Competition 2021. The Event was a Live Virtual Event. Students from all over the country, presented working models/prototypes based on the theme of “Reducing The Carbon Footprint”.

ATL Community Day- July, 2021

A Training Workshop was organized as A Community Day, which invited students from neighbouring Schools to learn about Game making and App development . Around 180 students attended the Online Sessions which included about 78 students from other non-ATL Schools.

Robotics Workshop – September, 2021

Under the aegis of IIT, Delhi and Rancho Labs, the School organized a 3 days Workshop on Robotics, Coding and AI. Around 130 students attended the workshop including 79 students from neighbouring Schools.

Robotics Workshop – January, 2022

In the month of January 2022, the School organized a Workshop under the aegis of IIT, Delhi and Rancho Labs on Game Making and App Designing. The 2 day workshop witnessed a participation by about 98 students which included 31 students from non-ATL Schools. 

MiniComp Wizards – Pan India Inter School Competition – January 2021

The School organized a Tech Competition as part of the 3rd Sheila Verma Pan India Inter School Competitions 2021-2022 in January 2022. The competition was a Live Virtual event held in 2 stages. The participants presented working models/prototypes based on the theme of “Reducing Community Problems” using Raspberry pie and Arduino.