Celebrating Baisakhi and Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti


Baisakhi was celebrated by the students of Class 1 with utmost zest and enthusiasm. The celebration commenced with a short description given by the teachers. They students were explained about the significance of this festival. Baisakhi, which marks the beginning of the harvesting period, was celebrated by Reciting of a soulful shabad which marked the beginning of the Class activity on a religious note. All the students were dressed in their best Punjabi attire. The function proceeded further with poetry recitation. At the end, all the students exhibit the dance to showcase the miniature of joy experienced by people of Punjab on the occasion of Baisakhi.

On the auspicious occasion of ‘Baisakhi’ and ‘Ambedkar Jayanti’ a small celebration took place in Class 2.

The celebrations commenced with an introduction as to why Baisakhi and Ambedkar Jayanti are celebrated and their significance. All the children were dressed up in traditional attires. They displayed their enthusiasm by dancing on popular Punjabi folk music. They splashed colours on sheets and made beautiful drawings depicting the festival. Few children spoke lines highlighting the significance of these festivals.

The celebration concluded on a sweet note when children enjoyed sharing the scrumptious desserts which they had brought with them.

Baisakhi is an important harvest festival of Punjab that has religious value as well. It  was celebrated with zest and zeal. The environs of Class 3 reverberated with enthusiasm during the Baisakhi celebrations. The festival of harvest was celebrated in order to acquaint the students with the Punjabi culture and tradition. The students were also informed about the birth anniversary of Dr. Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar Sahib whose struggle for equality contributed to a great extent to the Indian legal system and the Constitution. Children came dressed in traditional colourful Punjabi outfits with ornaments and accessories. The students brought sumptuous dishes in their lunch boxes. Students made a Dhol  to mark the occasion. 

The students of Class 4 conducted a Special Assembly on April 13, 2022 celebrating the Birth Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar. Students dressed as Dr. Ambedkar, read out extracts from the Constitution of India.

In the Class celebrations, an activity on Slogan Writing was conducted in the class and teachings of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar were discussed. The students dressed in ethnic attire danced to foot tapping music celebrating the festival of Baisakhi.

The students came in Punjabi and traditional attire to celebrate a great festival of Punjab.

The students of Class 5 celebrated Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti and Baisakhi with enthusiasm. A Special Assembly was conducted to commemorate the Harvest Festival. Dressed in colourful Punjabi attire the students danced to some foot tapping Punjabi music.

The teachers informed the students on the role of Dr. Ambedkar in framing the Constitution of India. The students made their own rule books in a craft activity.

Observing World Heritage Day


The students of Class 1, celebrated World Heritage Day with great zeal on Monday morning, April 18, 2022 in their classes. The celebration commenced with a short description given by the teacher. The children were explained the significance of the Day. This day is dedicated to recognizing sites of historical importance, raising awareness regarding them, and stressing the need to restore and preserve them. The students enjoyed making posters on the theme of Our Heritage. Students depicted the art and culture of our country India in a colourful way. Everyone heartily enjoyed this activity.

Class 2 celebrated World Heritage Day to raise awareness about the existence of various heritage slides across the world. The day aims at educating about the diversity of the world’s heritage sites and the efforts essential in protecting and conserving them. The celebration began with a brief discussion about the various heritage sites the students had seen or heard of around them, how we can conserve them and the importance of heritage sites as representatives of the cultures of the place. This was followed by picture colouring activity whereby the students coloured pictures of the world as well as indian heritage sites in class. The students enjoyed sketching and colouring Indian monuments and were curious to know about the world monuments that they had not heard of before. This was also used to talk about the existence of various cultures within India and its unity in its diversity, which is quite evident from the various heritage sites present in India.

“Heritage is our legacy, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations.

World Heritage Day is observed every year on April 18 to preserve human heritage and recognize the efforts of the organizations working for it. International Day for Monuments and Sites, also known as World Heritage Day, is an international observance held on 18 April. The students of Class 3 were explained about the significance of the event. The children made beautiful posters  and spoke a about various monuments all over the world. The activity help spread awareness about the cultural heritage and diversity on the planet.

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation”-    Nelson Mandela.

We all know that ancient buildings and monuments are an asset to us and to the world. In order to celebrate this special day, the students of Class 4 made beautiful sketches of historical monuments with some slogans. Some students also spoke about their favourite monument. The students were excited while presenting their artwork.

A special Class Activity was conducted on 18th April, 2022 to spread awareness about the true meaning of heritage and its preservation. Keeping the theme in mind, the students of Class 5 along with teachers had an interactive session on our planet’s heritage. The children were familiarised with the importance along with the existing diversification worldwide towards protecting and conserving it.

Observing Earth Day


To celebrate the richness of mother nature and thank our home planet. On the occasion of Earth Day, a small celebration took place on 22 April in Class 1. The celebration commenced with an introduction and explaining the significance of Earth Day, which is a global event to make a commitment to learn and save the environment. An activity of making a Badge was conducted to pay tribute to mother Earth. In which students depicted their creativity with the touch of colours. The celebrations concluded on a serene note by taking a pledge to save our mother Earth.

The students of Class 2 celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April, 2022, by which the students got the opportunity to learn about the planet Earth and its primary purpose which is to spread awareness and the need to save the environment. The students were involved in various engaging activities like colouring. Few students expressed their views on the different ways of protecting their planet. The students took a pledge to do as much as possible and produce less waste. The day was marked not only by awareness but also enthusiasm on the part of the students.

On the occasion of the Earth Day, an array of creative activites were organized for the students of Class 3 with a view to sensitize them about the conservation of natural resources and to motivate them to do their bit towards making their planet even more beautiful. The students were explained about the importance of the Earth Day and they also took a pledge to preserve and conserve their self-sustaining planet. The event rekindled emotive concerns and instigated the youngsters to save, love and respect Mother Nature with all their heart and soul.

World Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April each year to spread awareness about conserving earth. The students of Class 4 celebrated Earth Day with great enthusiasm. The best part of the day was the Mask painting activity. Students made amazing and creative masks. The day was marked not only by awareness but also enthusiasm on the part of the students.

Class 5 celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April,2022 with zeal and zest. A discussion took place on the theme of protecting the planet Earth. The children enthusiastically made the model of Globe using clay and other material. The children also took a pledge to make necessary changes in their lifestyle that would impact their own lives and the community as a whole and would also be beneficial for the environment.

Celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr


The festival of Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated by both the teachers and children of Class 1, wholeheartedly, with an aim to spread the message of love and brotherhood in the young minds. The teachers discussed the importance of the festival. The students came dressed in beautiful traditional clothes and danced on Qawwali music which filled the environment with happiness and love. The students participated in a dessert making activity using chopped fruits, Choco-chips, chocolate syrup, butter knife and bread. At last, a mindful and colorful activity of coloring and decorating a mosque was done where children showed their creative skills.

Eid-Ul-Fitr was celebrated by Class 2 students on 2nd May 2022 in the school premises. The purpose was to enlighten the students about the spirit of the festival, spreading the message of love and brotherhood in the young minds. The teachers discussed about the importance of this festival that Eid stressing that Eid is a time to share happiness. The students were involved in craft activity based on the theme of Eid in which they learnt to draw and colour the moon and stars. Our young minds greeted each other ‘Eid Mubarak’ with love and affection. Both teachers and children enjoyed the Eid celebration wholeheartedly.

“May god accept your good deeds, and bless you and your family with good health, peace and happiness on the joyous occasion of Eid”


The students of Class 3 celebrated Eid with great enthusiasm, children were looking beautiful in the traditional attire. The teacher explained the importance of the festival to the students and they also shared their views. A poster making activity on Eid was done, which everyone enjoyed a lot.

Eid, the festival that upholds the spirit of brotherhood, love and happiness, was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the students of Class 4. The celebrations commenced by informing the students of the significance of the day. The students came dressed in traditional attire and shared their views on this auspicious day. In a craft activity they all made beautiful wall hangings using the cutouts of the moon and stars. The spirit of Eid was well imbibed by the students.

The students of Class 5 celebrated Eid-Ul-Fitr with true religious fervour. Dressed in colourful traditional attire, the students made beautiful greeting cards which they exchanged with their friends. They also made moon and stars wall hangings, sang a Qawali in praise of Allah and exchanged Eid greetings. It was a session of fun and enjoyment for the students.

Mother’s Day Celebrations

 A Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take

Mother’s Day was celebrated by the students of Class 1 with great zeal and enthusiasm. The celebration commenced with remembering the love of our beautiful mother. Mothers are the epitome of grace and compassion. She bestows her light on her child with the way she guides, protects and inspires. 

To honour each and every mother for all that she does for us, our little ones offered their love, affection and respect by preparing beautiful paper flower picture bouquets and a chocolate gift. We then ended the celebrations with singing a song for our loving mother.

“Mothers love   – a brilliant GEM to be treasured.” 

The day that recognises the essence of a Mother was celebrated in high spirits and  merriment. This being one of those occasions that none of us can afford to miss was  zealously enjoyed by one and all. The children irrespective of nationalities, castes,  cultures and genders have emotions binding them to their mothers. Keeping this bonding emotion in mind, Class 2 students had a  special celebration on Mother’s day. Teachers made an earnest effort to instill the  importance of a Mother in a child’s life. The students had something special and  unique to bring a smile to their beloved mother’s face. They passionately got  involved in making beautiful photo frames for their mothers. They devotedly spoke about their mothers. It was a pleasure watching the dynamic  and energetic children preparing something unique, something special. The outcome  of their efforts was marvellous. Each frame was special and different in its own way.  All in all it was an enjoyable and memorable day for each and every child which left  an indubitable mark on the innocent hearts.

A Mother’s love is more beautiful than a fresh flower and she is the only one who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. Students of Class 3 celebrated Mother’s Day on 9th May 2022. The students created beautiful cards with leaf printing for their respective mothers who devote their day-and-night for their children. Students also danced to the tunes of songs  ‘Ma Meri Ma’ and ‘I Love You Mom’. It was a day full of fun and excitement for all the students.

Mother’s Day was celebrated by Class 4 students with great zeal and enthusiasm. The learners made beautiful badges using craft material. They also made wonderful certificates to honour their mommies. Some students sang melodious songs like ‘Tu Kitni Acchi Hai’ and ‘Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Hai Na Maa’. All in all, it was a celebration full of fun and frolic.

Mother’s Day is a special day for all children and Mothers as it celebrates the bond of love and affection that is everlasting. The students of Class 5 made it memorable by the host of performances. The children created beautiful badges and cards. They also recited a few lines, poems and songs remembering the hard work their mothers put into each day.

Celebrating Budh Purnima

On the occasion of Buddha Purnima , a small celebration took place in Class 1. The celebration began with an introduction about the significance of Buddha Purnima followed by an art activity by the students in which they beautifully decorated the portrait of Lord Buddha. Everyone participated actively and enjoyed it a lot.

“Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others.” 

-Gautam Buddha

The quotation was well explained to the students of Class 2 by celebrating the day dedicated to Lord Buddha i.e. Buddha Purnima. The day began with the short introduction given by the teachers in their respective classes to make the students aware about the importance of this day. They were informed that Lord Buddha was the founder of Buddhism and to pay respect to him, his birth anniversary is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. Teachings of Lord Buddha were discussed in the class among the students and stories related to his life were narrated. In the end children coloured the image of Lord Buddha and expressed their views on the same. Overall, it was a successful celebration.

Buddha Purnima is celebrated with great fervour in India every year on the full moon day of the Baisakh month. It  was celebrated with zest and zeal. Students of Class 3 reverberated with enthusiasm during the Buddha Purnima  celebrations.  Students were also informed about  Lord Gautama Buddha who taught about non violence, compassion and tolerance. Children came dressed in traditional outfits.  Students made posters on Lord Buddha’s life.

Buddha Purnima is an auspicious day for Buddhists and the teachings of Buddha have influenced many all around the world. The lessons of skillful speech, action, concentration, and such values were imbibed in children through a detailed classroom interaction. The students of Class 5 also recited the famous mantra “Budham Sharanam Gacchami”, mesmerizing the class atmosphere.