Due to the closure of Schools in Delhi in compliance with the instructions of the Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, the XIX Brem Dutt Memorial Pan India Inter School Competition 2021, stands postponed.

The new schedule will be intimated when the Schools reopen.

If your School has already registered, you will be allowed to re-register your participation.
We look forward to your cooperation.

Best Regards

Dr Anita Puri
Cambridge Foundation School



Cambridge Foundation School
XIX Brem Dutt Memorial Pan India Inter School Competition 2021


Dear Principal,

It’s time again for one of the most awaited competition event where the entire student and academic fraternity look for best opportunities in innovation, the Annual Brem Dutt Memorial Inter School Competitions (BDMC). We are amidst holding our XIX event and this time we go Pan-India.

However despite best efforts our lives, working patterns and our children are constantly facing renewed challenges. Bob Marley said “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you are living?

This is the second year in succession when we are holding the events online. It is indeed a reflection of human resilience that the pandemic could not deter our determination to rise above the crisis.

These competitions are held every year to hone the intrinsic and latent abilities in pupils and demonstrate their inherent talents and diverse faculties. In the present scenario, it has become mandatory to foster the harmonious and holistic development of Gen X to enable them to combat the challenges of these difficult times. We, at Cambridge Foundation School, believe that every child should be empowered with life skills to deal with the challenges. In sync with these ideas, the School is providing an excellent opportunity for your students to apply their lessons from the classroom to a real world situation. All the events and competitions will be in a new, digital-only format.

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to invite multi skilled and adept scholars of your School to participate in the XIX BDMC Competition 2021 - a cornucopia of literary and cultural completions, slated for 8th May 2021. We look forward to an enthusiastic and a wholehearted participation of your students and hope that it will be a stimulating learning experience for all.

You are requested to fill in and submit the Registration Google Form bit.ly/xixbdmc2021 on or before 24th April 2021.

• Entries will not be accepted by any other mode.
• Please note the participating School can Register only once.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Anita Puri


Confirm your Participation – bit.ly/xixbdmc2021


For any further clarification, please contact:
Ms. Manju Daur @ manjudaur@cambridgefoundationschool.com or 9818035357
Or send an email to: xixbdmc2021@cambridgefoundationschool.com

Time Line

Last Date to Confirmation Participation: 24th April 2021
Emailing of Entry Forms & Team Nos. by Host School to Participating Schools: 30th April 2021
Emailing Links for Online Events: 6th May 2021
Last Date to Upload the Event Material by Participating Schools: 8th May 2021
Date to Conduct Online Live Events: 8th May 2021
Declaration of Results on the School Website: To Be Announced

Please refer to the Event Details for Quiz-O-Thon, Sci Art-Tak, Tesla-Paradigm Facsimile and Gizmo Prodigy for Specific Timelines


General Instructions

  • The XIX BDMC 2021 will be conducted through virtual mode.

  • Only one Entry per event will be accepted from each School.

  • Repetition of a participant in more than one event is not permitted.

  • In case of Change in Name of the Participant(s) after submission, the same must be intimated latest by 5th May 2021.

  • Timely Registration would be appreciated.

  • Teacher in-charges of the event can be contacted for queries between 2pm & 6pm.

  • Plagiarism shall lead to disqualification of the entry.

  • All Video Files are to be submitted as Links (Youtbe/Google Drive etc.) with Unrestricted Public Access. Any Link that fails to open will not be judged.

  • All Video Submissions must display the Team No for 5 seconds at the beginning of the Video.

  • All illustrations/documents must have the Team No in the Bottom Right Corner of the Sheet.

  • It is imperative to abide by the rules specified for each event.

  • DRESS CODE: White, without the School Logo, unless, a costume is a requirement of the Event.

  • There are 24 Events. In order to be eligible for the Rolling Trophy the School must participate in a minimum of 21 events.

  • The Winners shall be conferred with 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.

  • If the host School wins the prize, it shall be passed on to the next winning team in order.

  • All participants will receive E-Certificates.

  • Disclosure of the Name of the School or the Participant in any form is not permitted and will definitely lead to disqualification.

  • The decision of the Judges shall be final and binding.

  • None of the Judges are employees of the School.

  • The Results will be posted on the School Website


Events At A Glance

Event In-Charge may be contacted for any queries on any weekday between 2pm and 6pm

Category Event Event  In-Charge Contact Email Id
Age 3+ Whacky Snacky Puja Khanna 9971230674 pujakhanna@cambridgeworldschool.com
    Shweta Madaan 9210327270 shwetamadaan@cambridgeworldschool.com
Age 4+ Pro-Stylist Mandeep Kaur 8800684488 mandeepkaur@sheilaskidszone.in
    Shilpa Bathla 7838441412 shilpabathla@sheilaskidszone.in
Class I Entwinded Gavneet Tandon 9999622058 gavneettandon@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Ankita Kapoor 8527081599 ankitakapoor@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class I Hot Rod / Speedster Harmeet Kaur 7042175905 harmeekaur@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Neelima Arora 9868174827 neelimaarora@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class II Pandemonium Urvashi Sharma 9818112671 urvashisharma@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Ruby Soni 9818023008 rubysoni@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class II Delineate The Pebble Jyoti Verma 9312706197 jyotiverma@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Piryadeep Kaur 8587930356 priyadeep@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class III Wrangling Disputation Sarabjeet Kaur 9910859063 sarabjeetkaur@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Divya Raj 9027552956 divyaraj@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class III Revamp Your Mask Divya Baijal 9899038286 divyabaijal@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Lakshita Grover 9999821489 lakshitagrover@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class IV Rewind Play Forward Tanya Singh 9990751301 tanyasingh@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Monika 9711024924 monika@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class IV नवीन अभिव्यक्ति Sonia Rawal 9555902304 soniakapoor@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Shalini Madan 9810800597 shalinimadan@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class V Bottle Craft Neelam Malhotra 9953218433 neelammalhotra@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Yasmin Paul 9899733360 yasminpaul@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class V Quiz-O-Thon Pallavi Trikha 9811181344 pallavitrikha@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Seema Kapoor 9810284847 seemakapoor@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class VI Ventri-Robo Nitika Sharma 9582821246 nitikasharma@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Geetu Kohli 9654604848 geetu@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class VI सगुण निर्गुण Renu Dhingra 9810039047 renudhingra@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Rekha Ahuja 9582762959 rekhaahuja@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class VII तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय Anamika Mishra 8826479419 anamikamishra@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Seema Goel 9560922146 seemagoel@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class VII Mythos Minstrels Kajoli Chakraborty 9990284914 kajolic@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Pankaj Rajput 9873106097 pankajrajput@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class VIII Ping-A-Pamphlet Nanda Khanna 9811925351 nandakhanna@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Madhuri Gaur 9818351492 madhurigaur@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class VIII Hippodrome Mansi Gandotra 9899194344 mansigandotra@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Anju Narang 9871802533 anjunarang@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class IX Tesla - Paradigm Facsimile J Venkatesan 9810448580 jvenkatesan@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Uttam Kumar 7011689158 uttamkumar@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class IX Sci Art-Tak Vibha Prabhakar 9910073938 vibhaprabhakar@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Meena Bhatia 9810906242 meenabhatia@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class X Gizmo Prodigy Naresh Sethi 9810463646 nareshsethi@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Richa Jaitly 7838892890 richajaitly@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class X परिदृश्य Jyoti Rampal 9871811961 jyotirampal@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Monika Joshi 8471022088 monikajoshi@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class XII The Elixir of Life Manju Daur 9818035357 manjudaur@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Sonia Dogra 9811689657 soniadogra@cambridgefoundationschool.com
Class XII Time To Mime Sonal Vij 9711604647 sonalvij@cambridgefoundationschool.com
    Mukesh Ahluwalia 9811444401 mukeshahluwalia@cambridgefoundationschool.com


Event Details

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