Sheila Verma Memorial Inter School Competition 2019

Let's Build their Enduring Power
(An Accumulation of Budding Talent – A Day for Development)

Dear Principal,
Cambridge Foundation School has various initiatives towards the cause of spreading universal education. Here, we have new visions and values emerging constantly.
After the huge and unprecedented success of its annual event, BDMC for 17 consecutive years, we are now launching another pad, this time for the tiny-tots (3+ and 4+) for children of Delhi schools in the fond and everlasting memory of the legendary educationist, our Founder Chairperson, Late Smt. Sheila Verma who passed away recently in April, 2019. She devoted a lifetime gaining insight into how little children play and learn.
Mrs. Sheila Verma always had the passion to ignite the minds of children and had conviction in the concept of integrated learning with focus on amalgamation of indigenous knowledge systems, sensitivity and connectivity. She believed all these begin at a very early stage in life and relentlessly pursued her instinct and vision in building an institution of far reaching impact. Her outstanding contributions towards the synthesis and characterization of education will forever be remembered.
We request you to send a team of children from your School to participate in the Sheila Verma Memorial Competitions (SVMC), which shall henceforth be an annual event of great significance. This initiative shall go a long way in engaging the kids to a range of activities and shall encompass their latent talents as a fitting tribute to this builder and mentor of several new generations.
The event slated for Wednesday, 25th September, 2019 will provide the children opportunity to express themselves and supplement their learning experience and talents thereby building their confidence and speaking skills.
Looking forward for an enthusiastic and wholehearted participation from your esteemed institution.
Dr. Anita Puri

The Registration Form is to be emailed to

 Event Co-ordinator Ms. Manju Daur +91-9818035357
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General Rules & Regulations

  1. Registration Time 8:30am to 9:00am. Punctuality is solicited.
  2. The Participating Teams will be allotted a Team No. as their identity, which will be common for all Events.
  3. On-The-Spot Registration will not be entertained.
  4. Teacher In-charge of the event may be contacted in case of queries only after 2:00pm.
  5. Each participant will be allowed to participate in only event. Repetition of a participant in more than one event is not permitted.
  6. Individual prizes will be awarded for each event. In the event of the Host School winning the Prize, the same will be passed on to the next Team in order.
  7. All students will be given Certificate of Participation. Participants are requested to collect the same from the Event In-charge before leaving the School.
  8. Accompanying Teacher on each day - One (for all events).
  9. Refreshment coupons are to be collected at the time of Registration.
  10. The participating School must ensure that in case of change in the participant(s) after submission, the same must be intimated at least 3 days before the event.
  11. Carrying of School Id-Cards is mandatory for all participants, as well as the accompanying teacher.
  12. Disclosure of the name of the School or the participant in any form during the Event is not permitted and may lead to disqualification.
  13. Dress Code: White. Unless a Costume is a requirement of the Event.
  14. The decision of the Judges will be final and binding.
  15. Declaration of Results and distribution of Prizes will be conducted on the same day.
  16. Teacher escort will not be permitted at the performance venue. However there will be a waiting area provided for them.



Wednesday, 25th September 2019

Masque - The Spooky Halloween Rhyme Recital
Visual Enchanté - Fusion of Indian & Western Dance Space Invader - Alien Calling


Masque - The Spooky Halloween

Event In-charge: Ms. Gurinder Hakim Contact: 9871098709

Theme : Spooky Halloween

Category 3+


No. of Participants Per Team : 1

Duration : 2 Minutes


Venue : Hall No. 1

Day & Date : Wednesday, 25th September 2019

Language : English







General Instructions:




  1. Only one Team per School.

  2. Participant to speak and enact about a Spooky Halloween character they are portraying.

  3. One prop allowed. To be managed by the participant only.

  4. Background music not permitted

  5. Participant to arrive in authentic costume and make up.




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Rhyme Recital

Event In-charge: Ms. Anshu Dhawan Contact: 8860357742

Theme : Aliens

Category: 3+


No. of Participants Per Team : 1

Duration : 2 Minutes


Venue : Hall No. 2

Day & Date : Wednesday, 25th September 2019

Language : English







General Instructions:




  1. To recite a self composed poem on Aliens.

  2. Actions permitted

  3. Participant's attire should be in accordance with the theme.

  4. Actions are allowed.

  5. One manageable prop is permitted. To be carried by the participant only.




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Visual Enchanté

Event In-charge: Ms. Suman Bedi Contact: 9873058425

Theme : Fusion of Indian & Western Creative Dance

Category: 4+

No. of Participants Per Team : 2

Duration : 3 Minutes

Venue : Radha Kishan Auditorium

Day & Date : Wednesday, 25th September 2019





General Instructions:




  1. Only one team per School.

  2. Performance will be a Creative Dance. A fusion of Indian and Western.

  3. Manageable props permitted

  4. Participants to arrive in authentic costumes and relevant makeup.

  5. Participating Schools to bring their music in a pen drive.




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Space Invader

Event In-charge: Ms. Jyoti Gulati Contact: 9716267237

Theme : Alien Calling

Category: 4+


No. of Participants Per Team : 1

Duration : 1 Hour

Venue : Primary Computer Lab

Day & Date : Wednesday, 25th September 2019

Language : English







General Instructions:




  1. Each team to design a Digital Alien.

  2. Adherence to the theme is mandatory

  3. Participants to use different SHAPES in the software MS Paint.

  4. Students will explain about the image they have created.

  5. No internet connection will be provided.




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