Mrs. Sheila Verma

Dear Netizens,

With the launching of the Cambridge Foundation School website, we hope parents, both present and prospective, will have more ready access to information regarding the School and its activities

In general, we hope that all visitors to our website, will find the site not only informative but also a pleasant experience. We intend to update the site regularly to keep you informed about the activities in the School. Do email us at and let us have your valuable feedback so that we may make the site more informative.

Keeping in mind the School motto - Strive to Rise, I conclude saying - "We impart education taking the best from our culture and moulding each student with an all round personality which will equip them to live their lives truthfully and fearlessly for their own progress and the welfare of the society.

Sheila Verma


Mrs. Aneeta Puri
Cambridge Foundation School

Dear Visitors,

Its a matter of immense pleasure and honour to have been appointed the Head of an institution which one has been associated with from the day of its inception, being nurtured with so much love and devotion.
The Legacy is now enshrined in my hands. Times have changed and so have we, moving ahead of times - always moving forward.
The Vision is crystal clear.
The Institution committed to its pledge of Strive to Rise.
Each bud to blossom, each flower to be groomed
We owe the Nation the Youth of Tomorrow
The Onus lies on us.
"It does not matter what you think in the world,
It does not matter what you do in the world,
It matters how you make others feel in the world."

Aneeta Puri