Cambridge Foundation School
55th Founders' Day - Intra School Competition - 4th July 2020
Pratidhvani – Resonance of Reverence
नीव से उत्कर्ष तक

Foundation Day is a declaration of what we create. On this important milestone, with an opportunity to reflect on the growth of the School and its bright future ahead, we together show our gratitude to the courage and commitment that was demonstrated by the souls who established this Institution. Revered Smt. Sheila Verma and Sh. Brem Dutt Verma, zealously and passionately thought on the lines of education, with the core agenda- “When the root is deep in the field of education, there is no reason to fear the tumults of life”. Today, the School is all set to celebrate its Pratidhvani – Resonance of Reverence, the Foundation Day on July 4, 2020. For the observance of this day, we are organizing online events to recognize the faith and challenge of our scholars making it a fabulous place of study, throughout its proud yester years.

The celebration of this day signals us to reflect upon its origin envisioning the future of the institution through the lens of series of events which we are going to hold for this designated day.
From the days of yore to the days of maturity, these events will become an annual feature from hereafter, churning out intellectual minds and resourceful individuals.

The current pedestal of success and steadfastness is a culmination of the cumulative efforts of the Management, School Staff, Students and their Parents. Your support and cooperation is hereby much sought after in every regard and we at our end shall tirelessly effort to deliver the finest for the future of our scholars.

Warm Regards
Dr. Anita Puri


  • The competition is open to only the bonafide students of the School.

  • No accompanist is permitted for Solo / Group events other than the registered participants.

  • Only 1 entry per participant/Team is permitted.

  • The participant should not mention their name or identity anywhere in the photograph / video. These details will be automatically recorded when the entry is submitted.

  • All Entries are to be submitted through Google Forms, which will be available on Designated Google Classroom as per schedule. No Entry will be accepted by email or any other mode.

  • All Entries are to be submitted on 4th July 2020, between 9:00am and 1:00pm. Entries submitted after 1:00pm will not be considered.

  • Regarding Video/Audio Submissions -

    • The Videos to be submitted should in mp4 / wmv / mpeg format.

    • All Video/Audio content submitted are not to be shared/uploaded on any Whatsapp Group/Social Media/Video Sites, doing so will lead to instant disqualification.

    • All Video/Audio content must not directly or indirectly bear resemblance to or hurt the sentiments of any person/persons, caste, creed or religion.

    • All Video/Audio content must be original and not plagiarized or copied.

  • The Photograph sent for Judgement should be in High Definition, as specified in the event details.

  • Participants should go through the event rules and adhere to the specifications.

  • Strictly adhere to the specified time limit.

  • The decision of the Judges will be final and binding.

    Let’s set the ball rolling . . . . .



Details of Events

Event : HAIKU
Theme : A Poem on a Prospective School Uniform
Category : Class 1
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Specifications : MP4 / WMV / Mpeg
Duration : Minimum. 30 Secs. Maximum. 1 minute
Language : Bi-Lingual (Hindi & English)
Event In-Charge : Ms. Gavneet Tandon
  1. Use a single foot gents sock as a mannequin to display the designed school uniform for yourself.
  2. Make use of tissue paper/ cloth/ribbon/jute/twigs to design the uniform.
  3. Compose a poem of five lines expressing your feelings and emotions for your uniform (Bilingual)
  4. Hold the dressed mannequin and recite the self-composed Haiku.
  5. The name of the child should not be revealed in the video.
  6. Time limit for the recitation is 30 sec to one minute.
  7. Upload the video of the recitation.
  • Innovation in dress designing
  • Display of the mannequin
  • Content
  • Modulation
  • Overall presentation
Theme : Designing a Bunting Strip
Category : Class 2
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Specifications : JPG / Jpeg - Size of Photograph: max. 10 Mb
Language : English
Event In-Charge : Ms. Neelima Arora
  1. Design a Bunting Strip showcasing your days spent in the School from Nursery to Class 2.
  2. The strip should consist of eight leaves i.e. each class to be depicted on two leaves.
  3. Each leaf of the strip should be of A4 size.
  4. Available materials may be used for decorating the bunting.
  5. The strip of bunting should be well captured in the uploaded picture.
  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Effective use of material
  • Relevance to the theme
  • Overall presentation
Theme : Nimble Hands At Work - Earthen Pot Decoration
Category : Class 3
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Specifications : JPG / Jpeg - Size of Photograph: - max. 10 Mb
Event In-Charge : Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur
  1. The students will decorate any pot (available at home) using different colours such as poster, acrylic etc., and decorative material and depict their ‘Beloved School’.
  2. They can also use related pictures of the School’s Front Elevation, Classroom, Playground Or Online Classes.
  3. Material like Plaster of Paris and Clay are allowed.
  4. The size of the pot should be 8 to 10 inches.
  5. A good photograph of the decorated pot to be clicked and then uploaded.
  • Interpretation of the Theme
  • Artistic Execution
  • Innovation
  • Effective use of material
  • Handy work of the child
Theme : Promotion of Virtual Learning In Your School
Category : Class 4
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Specifications : MP4 / WMV / Mpeg
Duration of Video Maximum 1 minute
Language : English (Few words of Hindi are permitted)
Event In-Charge : Ms. Yasmin Paul
  1. Enactment of an advertisement to promote Virtual Learning in your School.
  2. Enactment to be done in English (usage of few Hindi words is permitted).
  3. The participant should dress in accordance to the act.
  4. Two manageable props are permitted.
  5. A 1 minute Video of the enactment is to be submitted.
  6. No background music is allowed.
  • Content
  • Language Eloquence and Expression
  • Ingenuity
  • Props and Costume
  • Overall Performance
Theme : Live Classrooms and Beyond
Category : Class 5
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Specifications : JPG / Jpeg - Size of Photograph: max. 10 Mb
Language : English
Event In-Charge : Ms. Seema Punhani
  1. Participants are required to design a Newsletter regarding virtual classes.
  2. One side of an A3 Sheet to be used divided into sections depicting fun classes, celebration of events (such as Earth Day, Mother’s Day etc) and Academic Classes.
  3. Suitable pictures should be used to complement the information.
  4. Decorative material permitted.
  5. A suitable title to be given to the Newsletter.
  6. A photograph of the Newsletter is to be uploaded.
  • Innovative title
  • Content
  • Accuracy of Language
  • Layout and Design
  • Visual appeal
Theme : Knit An Anecdote
Category : Class 6
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Specifications : MP4 / WMV / Mpeg
Duration : Maximum 2 minutes
Language : English
Event In-Charge : Ms. Rakhi Khosla
  • Create an Explosion box comprising memories of the school (Nursery to Fifth).
  • Each layer of the box should unveil your fondest memory of each grade. (through pictures).
  • Each layer must have a value that you imbibed during each class.
  • Material to be used as per own discretion and choice. (For ex- coloured sheets, beads and ribbons etc.)
  • The Explosion box has to be submitted in the form of a video of not more than two minutes.
  • The video must clearly show opening of the Explosion Box and all the layers and contents therewith.

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Pictorial Representation
  • Expression of thoughts
  • Effective use of material
  • Overall Presentation
Theme : Cambridgeans Talking
Category : Class 7
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Specifications: MP4 / WMV / Mpeg
Duration: Maximum 2 minutes
Language : English
Event In-Charge : Ms. Mansi Gandotra
  1. Students will present themselves as news anchor announcing breaking news, anecdotes and information associated with the School in English.
  2. Any main event can be chosen from either School magazine or Website.
  3. Manageable props to be used. (Headphones, Mic etc.)
  4. Formal attire is compulsory.
  5. The duration of the Video should not be more than 2 minutes.
  • Innovative Concept.
  • Stage confidence.
  • Costumes and Props.
  • Fluency and clarity in spoken English.
  • Overall Presentation.
Theme : Aunty's Magical Kitchen
Category : Class 8
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Photographs - 3
Specifications : JPG / Jpeg - Size of each Photograph: max. 10 Mb
Language : English
Event In-Charge : Ms. Neelam Malhotra
  1. Each participant to prepare an authentic Burmese dish.
  2. Upload 3 photographs:
    1. Showing Ingredients to be used.
    2. Plating/Presentation.
    3. Written Recipe.
  • Quirky Name of the Dish.
  • Nutritive Value.
  • Correct and Impressive Written Expression.
  • Authenticity.
  • Table Layout.
Theme : Recollections Refreshed
Category : Class 9
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Photographs - 2
Specifications : JPG / Jpeg - Size of each Photograph: max. 10 Mb
Language : English
Event In-Charge : Ms. Rachna Kapur
  1. Design a handmade brochure highlighting your memorable moments that make your School a fun place to be in (include your teachers, friends, co-curricular activities, School activities, library, playground, School canteen etc.)

  2. The brochure should be made using A4 size sheet, folded 3 or 4 times from the center.

  3. Beautify the brochure using relevant pictures, drawings and sketches.

  4. Pen down each favourite in about 30-40 words.

  5. Give a catchy caption to each fold.

  6. The contents including pictures/drawings/sketches and text should be on each fold of the brochure.

  7. Click and upload two clear photos (text should be visible) showcasing both sides of the brochure.

  • Content
  • Presentation
  • Creativity
  • Accuracy of information
  • Expression
Theme : The School History Reincarnated
Category : Class 10
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Photographs - 1
Specifications : JPG / Jpeg - Size of Photograph: max. 10 Mb
Language : English
Event In-Charge : Ms. Sisira Vishwanath
  1. Depiction of the journey of CFS by making History Boards.
  2. Only an Ivory Sheet of size 22 inches by 18 inches in landscape mode to be used.
  3. Pictures newspaper cuttings, reports to be incorporated.
  4. Use of all kinds of colours and decoration material, Plaster Of Paris and Clay permitted.
  5. A High Definition photograph of the decorated History Board to be uploaded.
  6. Give a Catchy slogan to your board.
  • Artistic Amalgamation
  • Clarity of the Theme
  • Material used
  • Appropriateness of the Heading
  • Overall Presentation
Theme : School Motto - Strive To Rise
Category : Class 11
Number of Participants :  1

Mode of Submission :

Softcopy Pdf file
Specifications : Pdf - Size of File: max. 10 Mb
Language : English
Event In-Charge : Ms. Sonia Dogra
  1. The participant to create an E-Flyer depicting the challenges posed during the lockdown period and steps taken by our School to overcome these problems.
  2. The Flyer should be accompanied by an inspiring tagline.
  3. The Flyer to be designed on A4 size, folded from the centre and the contents including images / drawings and text should be on each side of the flyer.
  4. The design can be created in Photoshop / Coreldraw / Microsoft office or any image editing software.
  5. The participant must upload the E-flyer in .pdf format only, containing two pages, the 1st page of the file showing one side and the 2nd page the other side of the E-Flyer.
  • Design Aesthetics
  • Illustration of problems
  • Relevance of Tagline
  • Innovativeness
  • Visual Essence
Theme : My School - My Success Tool
Category : Class 12
Number of Participants :  3 to 4

Mode of Submission :

Specifications : MP4 / WMV / Mpeg
Duration : Maximum 2 Minues
Language : Bi-Lingual
Event In-Charge : Ms. Sonal Vij
  1. Participants to upload a Video mix of a song/rap reflecting their School journey.
  2. The song/rap should explain the contribution of the School and teachers in grooming their personality.
  3. Video and Audio Track must be innovative and original.
  4. Content downloaded from any website/Internet shall be rejected.
  5. For background music only one musical instrument permitted (per team).
  6. Dress code: Kurta and Jeans.
  7. Sharing or uploading the video on any social media or video sharing site would lead to immediate disqualification.
  8. Any team using derogatory language will be debarred from the competition.
  9. The uploaded video should not offend the sentiments of any person/caste/community/religion.
  • Originality
  • Thematic Innovation
  • Expression and Emotions
  • Synchronization
  • Editing