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September 2018

Celebrating Janamashtami
The students of Class 3, celebrated the auspicious festival of Janmashtami in a special assembly, where dances portraying "Leelas" of Sri Krishna, were presented by the students illustrating the fact that whenever there will be dominance of malevolence He will reincarnate to destroy the evil and save the good. The girls were decked up as Radha and the boys as Sri Krishna. With their laudable performance, they lit up the atmosphere and mesmerized the audience. The performance was appreciated by the Principal Dr. Anita Puri and the Manager Ms. Meena Malik
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Tree Plantation Drive
The indiscriminate felling of trees threatens the Environmental Health and availability of resources. The Tree Plantation Drive is a response to substantial climate changes and sustainability challenges like water supply and biodiversity loss.
On 8th August 2018, the School Management, Teachers and Students of Cambridge Foundation School are always proactive in their participation in social causes. Students from Class XII took part in the Tree Plantation Drive Against Air Pollution, initiated by the Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi, held at the DTC Bus Depot at Peeraghari. The children planted fruit bearing plants.
The tree plantation campaign was also carried out in the School playground in which students from Classes III to V enthusiastically planted trees and promised to look after them. The exercise helped in inculcating tree consciousness among the students, and cultivating in them a sense of responsibility to nurture and look after trees. Such projects pay multiple benefits by improving environmental conditions and providing multi-disciplinary learning for students of all ages. It teaches them about plants and shows them how their efforts make an impact that they and their communities can revisit for years.

Visit to Dominos
The students of Class 1 visited Dominos outlet near the Subhash Nagar Metro Station. It was a great experience for the students as they not only learnt the process of making a pizza and the names of various tools like pizza cutter, tray, oven, hot bag etc. used by the chef, but were given hands-on behind the counter tour on making a pizza. The children also experienced the temperature of the Freezer in which the Dominos’ grocery is stored and also came to know the importance of storing food items in the freezer. The entire activity was closely monitored and supervised under the watchful eyes of the teachers and the Dominos’ staff. The visit concluded with the children enjoying a Pizza slice, Bread Sticks and a soft drink. It was a fun filled and memorable excursion.

TERI - YOU CAN Waste Management Campaign
A farsighted concept of community action by youth today was planned as well as celebrated in Cambridge Foundation School under the guidelines of TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute). Several activities were conducted in the School. The toddlers of the Primary section were involved in a Rubbish Bin sorting activity through which they made not only them aware but enthusiastically organized a rally for the common man to witness the usage and value of Dustbins. Adding a niche to their workmanship students recited self-composed poems on 3Rs and also presented a dance highlighting about environment conservation, creativity was unleashed of the students when they sketched in the class and it was a crowning moment of this drive. They didn’t stop their action in rather got engrossed in transforming the waste bottles into flower pots. It was a very commendable action.
The Middle section manoeuvred their enacting skills and presented a Nukkad Naatak based on the most versatile theme of Waste Management. Cambridgeans thought a way and means to make our society aware – Prepare Paper bags with eye catchy slogans which would entice each one to HOLD and READ them. A compost pit was also prepared within the vicinity of the school to follow the philosophy of EACH ONE and TEACH ONE and make this an intrinsic feature at every step of our life. Apart from this, Cambridge family collected a large amount of E-Waste which was a grand affair. The collected E-Waste will be handed over a to Certified E-Waste Recycler for proper processing.



Swachchta Pakhwada
Under the auspices of "Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan", an enterprise close to our Hon'ble Prime Minister, Sh. Narender Modi, Swachchta Pakhwada was observed from 1st to 15th September, the aim being to inculcate in the budding young students of today, the intrinsic importance of cleanliness which as the age old adage goes is next to godliness.
The fortnight started with a pledge to initiate activities directed towards the cleanliness and betterment of the environment. Myriad activities were conducted which saw enthusiastic participation by all the students. Each and every student volunteered to keep his/her respective classrooms free of litter. Painting competitions were held for junior classes where the tiny tots were encouraged to paint their perception and understanding of the theme. The Debate club organised debates and quiz on topics related to the imperative need for clean and hygienic environment. A tree plantation drive organised by Eco club saw saplings being planted by the members. Movies depicting the importance of physical cleanliness and hygiene were shown. The importance of waste segregation into blue and green dustbins was emphasised.
The exercise was a success in inculcating in students a respect for Mother Earth and love for one’s own country.



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