Events - September 2015

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Celebrating Teacher's Day & Janamashtmi


Class 1
Teacher's are the torch bearers of the Next Generation. Teacher's day was celebrated with enthusiasm by the students of Grade I. They came attired up in the beautiful dresses resembling their favourite teachers and spoke a few lines on them. The young ones sang appropriate songs for them and presented cards as token of their love and appreciation. The students also celebrated Janamashtami, the birthday of Natkhat Lord Krishna with great zeal. Idols of Krishna's infancy were placed in cradles. The boys dressed up as 'Krishna' and girls as 'Radha'. The students gave dance performances on "Jo hai Albela...", "Makhan Chor... ",etc. The teacher informed the students about "Dahi Handi" and some mischievous and playful acts of Lord Krishna. Sweets were also distributed among the students.
Class 2
Both the festival of Janamashtmi and Teacher's Day were celebrated in the classrooms of Class 2 on 3rd September. The kids were dressed up as Radha Krishna. A few of them came dressed up as their teachers in sarees. A general information about both the occasions was given to them. They danced to the tune of "choti choti gaiya" and enjoyed a lot. Videos were shown on the smart board. Craft activities such as flute decoration, Mukut (Crown) decoration and Radhamatki decoration were also conducted. The kids understood and appreciated the importance and enjoyed themselves.

Class 3
Enthusiasm and festivity marked the Teachers Day and Janamashtmi celebration in Class 3. Students organised a series of dancees for their teachers. A tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was given by the students and teachers. The children worshipped Lord Krishna. The young ones took part in devotional songs and dances of the nathkhat Kanha. The students enjoyed themselves respectfully emoting their favourite teacher.
Class 4
On 3rd September 2015, Thursday morning, our little buddies were all dressed up in their beautiful attires to celebrate Krishan Janmashtmi as well as Teacher's Day. They danced on the devotional songs of Radha Krishan & performed a beautiful skit.
A few girls & boys took up the role of their teachers and acted as them. The importance of the festival and Teacher's Day was discussed in detail with the students. The day was fully enjoyed by one and all.


Class 5
Teacher's Day and Janmashtami two important events were celebrated together as they happened to occur on the same day. Some students spoke some memorable quotes on Teachers. Other students depicted themselves as Radha and Lord Krishna. They sang devotional songs. The students also created beautiful cards for their beloved teachers and also decorated flutes to commemorate Janmashtami.
Sanskrit Week
The Sanskrit week was celebrated with full enthusiasm from 26th August to 1st September 2015. The objective of celebrating Sanskrit week was to provide an opportunity to students to share their knowledge of Sanskrit and learn from each other. The Week-long celebration increased awareness about the close relationship of Sanskrit with various other languages. These activities also highlighted the glorious cultural heritage of India and stimulated linguistic creativity amongst students. Various activities and competitions were conducted such as Kavita Rachna, Essay Writing and Shloka Antakshari during the week. An Overwhelming contribution from students in all the three categories made it a truly successful event. In the Kavita Rachna contest, students were expected to compose short poems on various themes in Sanskrit. This contest not only prompted students to compose poems in Sanskrit but also fueled their imagination. The Essay writing competition increased the complexity level of contests and exacted students to put in extra effort. Top 3 essays selected in “A” category were sent to Regional Office of CBSE. Shloka Antakshari, was a unique contest wherein students were propelled to get the essence of all shlokas. Students not only enjoyed but learnt a lot in all the organized activities. The most enthralling moment of the Sanskrit week was when the School came alive with the rhythmic and melodious chanting of Shlokas.


Celebrating Library Week (Golden Jubilee Celebrations) 31-8-2015 to 3-9-2015

Class 6
As a part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, during the Library Week, a competition for Class 6 was organized on 7th September, in which students participated Enactments portraying "Ancient Education v/s Modern Education". Each section was represented by 3 teams of 5 participants each. The shorty plays performed by them presented various aspects related to ancient and modern education systems. Krish Chawla and Riya Sachdeva were the anchors of the day. The event was judged by Ms. Meera Malik and Ms. Rakhi Saluja. Class 6 A secured the 1st position, followed by Class 6 D in the 2nd position, and Class 6 E in 3rd Position. All the participants of the winning team were awarded a book each written by famous authors.

Class 7
On the 3rd September 2015 as a part of the Golden Jubilee Library Week Celebration, the students of Class 7 participated in an Advertising of Books’ Event. Every Section was represented by 3 teams of 4 participants each who competed against each other. They enacted and advertised some of the famous books of the Present and the Past. Class 7 E secured the 1st Position followed by 7 A in the 2nd place and 7 D in the 3rd position. The anchors, Sachin Raut and Payal Kaushik made the event more exciting. All the members of the 3 winning teams were awarded a book each. The judges for the event were Ms. Sangeeta Anand and Ms. Ridhima Arora.

Class 8
The students of Class 8 presented enactments on the lives of scientists and mathematicians on 2nd September 2015. All the sections presented their events based on the theme, which helped the students to measure progress in our lives and also delineate the reflective thoughts and resolutions of the eminent scholars. Each section presented three teams and showed their best. The parents and our honorable Principal Ms. Anita Puri and our esteemed manager Ms. Meena Malik presided over the function and made it a grand success. Expertise judgment was given by the jury for the students’ workmanship. Class 8 D was awarded the 1st position followed by Class 8 C and Class 8 E at the 3rd position.

Class 9
On the 1st of September 2015, as a part of the Illustrious Golden Jubilee Library Week celebration, students of Class 9 participated in a Quizzing event - "The Wheel Of Fortune". Every section was represented by a team of six students who competed against each other in 5 quizzing rounds in which the questions from different fields of study were based on the outcomes of spinning of the wheel. This was followed by a decisive buzzer round of a mixed bag of questions. The rounds of quizzing ended with a tie between 9 A & 9 C for the 2nd and 3rd positions. After the tie breaker 9 B secured the 1st position followed by 9 C in the 2nd place and 9 A in the 3rd. The avid quizzers Anuj Bakshi & Jalaanchal Tewari from Class XII, were the Quiz masters who made the event more exciting by displaying professional skills while conducting the event. All the members of the three winning teams were awarded with a book each by the famous authors Dan Brown, Jeffrey Archer and Erich Segal.


The students of Class X sang jingles and raps on ‘book reading’ for their Library Week Celebration. The function started with the students and teachers extending a warm welcome to the respected Principal Ms. Anita Puri and the parents in attendance.The welcome address was followed by the traditional lighting of the lamp. Each section of Class X had fielded four teams comprising of four to five students. The students performed with zest and enthusiasm. Raps and jingles composed by students were highly imaginative and were accompanied by instruments like bongo, casio and guitar. The performances were lively and interesting and were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Team 9 from 10 D was awarded the 1st prize, team 3 from 10 C got the 2nd prize, while the team 6 from 10 A got the 3rd prize. The judges of the event were Ms. Jasbir Anand & Ms. Abha Gupta.


Workshop - Interactive Teacher Training
An Interactive Teacher Training Workshop was conduted by Geetika Kapoor on 10th September 2015, at the Indian International Centre. The theme of the workshop was Closing Achievement Gap. The workshop presented by Ms.Kapoor was highly informative and dealt with techniques and tools to develop the potential of a child. The workshop aimed at creating skill based learning experience, positive engagement with the students, and classroom practices that ensure innovation and high achievement. It was an enriching session aiming at practices that ensure motivation and high achievement. The workshop was attended by Ms. Neeru Sohi and Ms. Rakhi Khosla.


Celebrating Janamashtmi (Class 2)
The festival of Janmashtami was celebrated by the students of Class 2 on 12th September 2015. Ms.Ritu Vohra, Chairperson SDMC, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The programme commenced with the traditional lamp lighting. The students welcomed everyone with their dance performance on 'Govind Gokul Aayo'. Principal Mrs. Anita Puri presented the School report highlighting the achievements of the school and after that meritorious students were felicitated by the Chief Guest along with School Principal and School Manager, Mrs. Meena Malik. The highlight of the day was the ballet based on the life of Lord Krishna. The students presented their fountain of talents through colourful array of dances and musical acts. The show ended with a thundering finale. The efforts of students and teachers was applauded by one and all.


CBSE Capacity Building Workshop
Expressions India, a CBSE empanelled agency, conducted a CBSE Capacity Building Training Programme for Teachers on Co-Scholastic Aspects of CCE on 17th September 2015, at the Moolchand Medcity Auditorium. The workshop was attended by Ms.Jyoti Rampal (TGT,Hindi) and Ms.Seema Kapoor (TGT, Social Science ). The highlights of the workshop were to further the awareness on tools and techniques for Co-Scholastic skill enhancement and it’s evaluation. The details of the workshop were shared by the teachers with the other teachers in the school for any corrective actions to be taken.


Celebrating Teacher's Day (Class 1)
Teachers are the torch bearers of our future. Though the roots of education are bitter, the fruit is sweet. With this thought in mind the students of Class 1 celebrated Teacher's Day on 19th Sep'2015. Mr. Karan Singh Tanwar, Vice Chairman NDMC graced the occasion as the chief guest. The programme commenced with the traditional lightning of the lamp. The students welcomed everyone with their welcome dance on 'Gopala Hari Hari' followed by a 'Good Morning song'. Ms Anita Puri, Principal, delivered the welcome address. Our shining stars of Class 1 were given appreciation certificates by the chief guest along with the School Principal and School Manager Ms. Meena Malik. The young ones put up a play highlighting the importance of "Guru" in our lives .The day ended with a thundering dance performance. The students were dressed up in colourful attire and participated in the grand finale with zest and enthusiasm.


Health & Eye Check Up Camp
An Eye and Health Check-Up camp was held on Saturday, 26th September 2015 organised by the MIW Foundation (NGO) and conducted by doctors and specialists from Vasan Eye Care. Almost 200 students, along with their parents, availed the facilities like General Health, Dental and Eye Check ups.


All There Is Between You And UV - International Day For The Preservation of the Ozone Layer - 2015
Theme: "30 years of healing of the ozone layer"

Class 6
The students of Class 6, observed The International Day for the preservation of the Ozone Layer by organizing an Elocution. The topic of the elocution was - Ozone Layer Is Important For Our Survival. The students also participated actively in a Slogan Writing activity, in which the children wrote different slogans emphasizing the importance of ozone layer.


Class 7
The students of Class 7 celebrated 'Ozone Awareness Day'. The purpose behind this was to make the children realise the importance of Ozone in our atmosphere and due to all they can to prevent its depletion. A number of activities were undertaken for this purpose like "Nukkad Natak", Poster Making and Discussions on Ozone protection. The students took a pledge to save ozone layer from its depletion.

Class 8
In order to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Vienna Convention for the protection of the Ozone Layer, the students of Class 8 in groups of 5 to 6 from each section spoke on the practices that we may adopt to protect the Ozone layer. It created an awareness amongst the students who listened to their classmates intently. A few students also took an initiative to start an awareness campaign in their families and their neighbourhood regarding tree plantation and climate change mitigation.

Classes 11 & 12
The United Nations General Assembly designated September 16th as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer in the atmosphere. To celebrate the day, the School conducted a series of activities for the students of Class 11 and 12. In accordance with the theme "Ozone: All there is between you and UV", the students showcased models on depletion of the Ozone layer and how the environment is being adversely affected. The children explained the unfortunate consequences of global warming and the green-house effect. The session proved to be highly resourceful in creating awareness about this issue and brought forth many unknown facts about the diminishing standards of the environment. Apart from this all the sections of Classes 11 and 12 displayed PowerPoint presentations that cleared the air over the matter. This was indeed a crucial step taken to pave way for a positive climate change and initiate Tree Plantation by one and all.