Events - October 2015

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Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti


Class 1
Class 1 celebrated Gandhi Jayanti on 1st October 2015, and took a pledge to bring about peace and harmony in the world. They were given a brief talk on the importance of truth and trust in one's life. They were inspired to adopt the Gandhian principles of non-violence, love, compassion and peace. A skit was performed by the kids on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. They also recited poems and came dressed as Gandhiji and his followers.
Class 2
The students of Class 2 celebrated the National Festival of the birthday of the Father of our Nation with full zeal and enthusiasm. They recited several poems on the life of Gandhiji. Various episodes of his life were discussed and a few were enacted. A few students came dressed as Gandhiji and the prayer Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram was learnt by the students. Various craft activities such as a Cut-out of Gandhiji's spectacles and the Monkey Trio were taken up. Overall the significance was well understood and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Class 3
The essence of Gandhi Jayanti celebration transcends far beyond commemorating Mahatma Gandhi’s birth and his life. The inspirational stories and incidents of Bapu’s life were narrated to students of Class 3. Slogans were written by students to spread the message of Non-Violence and Truth. Short films related to Bapu’s life were shown to them. They sang “Raghupati Raghav” and “De Di Hamhe Azadi”. The concept behind the 3 Monkeys of Gandhiji was explained to them. It was a motivational day for all.
Class 4
The students of Class 4 enthusiastically took part in the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations. Gandhi Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is also celebrated as the International Peace Day all across the world. The students sang a song based on the truth and non violence message of Bapu, recited poems and presented their own views on the Gandhian philosophy through recitations and slogans.


Class 5
Class 5 celebrated the Father of the Nation's Birthday on 1st October 2015. Lovingly called 'Bapu', the students remembered the occassion by writing quotations and slogans of Gandhiji. They drew the shape of the spectacles he used to wear and wrote inside the frame of the glasses. They also made a collage and recited poems on the beloved Mahatma.


Safe Secure Schools
A workshop on 'Safe Secure Schools' organised by the Security Promotion Group of India was held at the Pragati Maidan on 9th October 2015. The purpose was to identify real life security concerns in schools and how to prepare for a disaster in schools. The Session was initiated by Mr. Rajeev Mathur, Executive Director-Sparsh CCTV followed by members of the SPGI Team. Mr. M.K. Meena, Jt. CP Delhi, ACB explained the role of police in the Safety & Security of Schools and the importance of periodically conducting Mock Drills for Disaster preparedness. Presentations were made on:
1. Intelligent Surveillance of school
2. Realtime tracking of school transport and kids
3. Bag scanning and contraband detection in school premise
4. Security measures for boarding schools
5. Physical Security at entry and exit points
6. Disaster Management Trainings
7. Fire Drills for school students and teachers
8. Effective use of fire and disaster management equipments
This informative session was attended by Mr. J. Venkatesan and Mr. Vikram Singh.


Exhibition - Class 6
Class 6 organized an exhibition on 10th October 2015, the theme being ‘Pollution’. All the five sections displayed different types of pollution viz. Thermal, Noise, Water, Land and Air. The causes and effects of pollution along with mitigation measures to check pollution were focused on. All the classes were decorated according to their themes. The students put in a lot of effort to emphasize the various causes and impacts of pollution. Charts and models were displayed depicting the different kinds of pollution. The students also displayed working models and explained the working of the same to the visitors. The exhibited items gave a wider view to the showcasing of the concept. The efforts of the students were appreciated and applauded by one and all.


Exhibition - Class 7
The Theme for Class 7 was Waste Management. The children did their best to spread the message of reducing waste and recycling it. A number of attractive and decorative materials were made using plastic, e-waste, food and organic waste. The message was spread to the people about how waste should be reduced at the grass root level and the little waste that is produced should be recycled. The Computer Lab too joined in creatively displaying various types of Networking concepts.


Exhibition - Class 8
The students of Class 8 highlighted a very real problem - Teenagers. The showcase highlighted the problems faced by the children at age of the adolescence, as this is a period of rapid change. Students along with the teachers worked separately on the various issues viz ‘Ragging and Bullying, Peer Pressure, Child Labour, Cyber Bullying, Road Rage’, etc. Each of the classes presented their workmanship in this field with the help of models, PPT’s and also a Mime show. Children learnt a lot and became aware of the do’s and don’ts and also the vices related to these issues. The Principal, Ms Anita Puri along with the Manager Ms Meena Malik visited the classes. The students presented their work with great enthusiasm and delineated them about the various models on display. The visiting Parents greatly expressed their appreciation and some even wrote their feedback for the exhibition. It was indeed a commendable work both creative and informative for the students.


Career Counselling Workshop
On 10th October 2015, a Career Counselling Workshop was organized in the School auditorium for the students and parents of Classes 11 & 12. The Resource person was Ms. Charushila Narula, an alumni of Lady Sri Ram College and a student of the Institute of Education, University of London. She is a pioneer in her field. With a diverse comprehension of new age careers, she personally guided the students on international applications and admissions to various courses in Universities. This workshop was held in collaboration with MIW Foundation an NGO.


Metallica Quiz
Shashank Vishwanath (12A) & Kheelit Pruthi (11A) represented the School in the Metallica Quiz held at IIM, Delhi. The event comprised of two rounds- a written prelim followed by a Visual-on-stage round. Our school bagged the first prize in a keenly contested competition among top 18 Schools from all over Delhi. Our team was selected for the Brahm Prakash Memorial Materials Quiz to be held at Kalpakkam, Chennai. Out of 42 teams from all over India our School was adjudged the runners up in the nail bitting grand finale. They were awarded with certificates and cash prize of Rs.5000. It was a great exposure and experience fot the students. The School Manager Mrs. Meena Malik and Principal Mrs. Anita Puri acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the students.


Workshop - Thrills With Clicks
'Thrills with clicks', a Workshop was conducted by the Department of Lecturing and Education at National Museum on 17th October, 2015. A groups of students from Classes 8 & 9 attended the workshop. The students were made aware about various aspects of organizing exhibitions. The students also participated in an interactive session on carpentry and mounting, followed by hands-on session of mounting and installing photographs. The students were accompanied by Mr. Nitin Jhingran.


Waste Recycling with Green-O-Tech
The School has joined the 'Green-O-Tech India', initiative to help make Mother Earth greener and converting waste into wealth. The entire school joined in the mission and collected waste paper up to 400kg. This was then given to Green-O-Tech for recycling. The organization in return gave new note books made out of recycled paper. These recycled note books were donated to the children of the inmates of Tihar Jail as part of the ongoing project of educating the children of the inmates at Tihar.


Workshop - School Banks Champs Project
A workshop under the School Bank Champs Project was conducted by the Yes Bank, Rajouri Garden branch in the school auditorium for the students of Classes 9 and 10 on 19th October 2015. A team of senior officials comprising of - Mr. Harsh Wardhan Tripathi, Sr. Business Leader (V.P), Mr. Siddharth Narula, Financial Advisor (Sr.Mgr.), Mr. Sunit Sharma, Financial Advisor (Sr.Mgr.), Mr. Parminder Singh, Relationship Team Leader and Mr. Vinod Shokeen, Financial Sales Mgr, (Max Life Insurance) conducted the workshop. The aim for the workshop was to impart financial literacy and banking awreness among the students. In the two hour workshop the students were apprised about the various aspects of banking, such as; Importance of banking, Types of bank accounts, Inception and role of RBI, Basic knowledge of Net banking operations, NRI Accounts, Insurance and it’s importance, Awareness of pension plan etc. The interactive workshop proved to be a great learning experience for the students. Gifts were distributed to the active participants of the day.


Times of India - NIE Workshop
A NIE workshop, in association with CLAT Possible, was conducted in the School Auditorium on 20th September 2015. The aim was to combat ignorance which can be a reason for the troubles of common man. All young citizens should be aware of what should be done at the 9th hour and also what can a responsible citizen do to help others and work towards upliftment of the society. The workshop stressed on the following topics - Understanding of eve teasing and defamatory laws in India, Understanding the Legal Issues of Social Networking sites, Understanding of ragging laws & Practice and remedies available to students.


Celebrating Dusshera
Class 1
The students of Class 1 celebrated Dussehra with enthusiasm. They came dressed up as various characters of the Ramayan. They also participited in mask making activity of Lord Rama and Ravan. The little ones were enlightened on the significance of Dussehra, how it marks the victory of good over evil. The students enacted scenes from the epic Ramayana and recited poems related to the festival.

Class 2
Students of class 2 celebrated the festival of victory of good over evil with great enthusiasm. A few of them came dressed up as Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Ravan. The children spoke a few lines to explain the significance of the festival and recited various poems. Role plays were done taking up various episodes of Ramayana which the students presented very confidently. A craft activity was done in which an effigy of Ravan was made by using thermocol which was decorated with Bindis and other decoration material. Overall it was an enjoyable and joyous celebration for the students.
Class 3
The festival of Dussehra was celebrated with fun and enjoyment by the students of Class 3. The students were explained the significance of the festival and how the killing of Ravana by lord Rama meant victory of Good over Evil. The students watched the Ramayan and made masks of different characters of Ramayan. It was a memorable day for all.

Class 4
On Wednesday morning, the students of Class 4 celebrated Dusshera in their classes. It is an important festival of the Hindus. This is also known as Vijayadashmi ('Vijay' meaning Victory and 'Dashmi' meaning the tenth day), as it is believed that it was on this day that Lord Rama killed the demon-king, Ravana and rescued his abducted wife - Sita. The students came dressed up as different characters like Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman & Ravana. They enacted the scene from Ramayana and also prepared the masks of various characters. The significance of the festival was discussed. The effigies of Ravana, Meghnath and Khumbhkaran are burnt on this day which signifies the triumph of good over evil.
Class 5
Vijaydashmi or Dusshera was celebrated by the students jauntily. They created attractive effigies of Ravana out of disposable glasses and other waste materials. Chaupais (Verses) from the Ramayana were recited. Some students enacted scenes from Ramayana. It was enthralling to see students at their creative best.


CBSE - Vigilance Awareness Week
Under the nuances of CBSE the School observed 'Vigilance Awareness Week' from 26th October to 31st October 2015. To spread awareness amongst the student community several activities were organised with the theme 'Preventive Vigilance As A Tool Of Good Governance'.
Classes 6 and 7 participated in slogan writing competition and the best slogans were read out by them during the school assembly.
Class 8 participated in poster making activity and the best posters were displayed in the school corridors.
Classes 9 and 10 participated in an elocution contest on the topic "Citizens Rights To Good Governance". The best speaker also spoke during the morning assembly.
4. Classes 11 and 12 participated in an Essay Writing activity during their English period on the topic "RTI Act A Deterrent To Corruption". The week, full of activities, proved to be very effective in spreading awareness about the preventive steps that may be taken to remove corruption from the society. Students participated enthusiastically in the event.


Operation Nirbheek
The School convened a workshop on Operation Nirbheek on 28th October 2015 to educate the girl child on how to be intrepid and undaunting in the situation of eve teasing. The School Principal Ms. Anita Puri introduced the Police Officials; A.C.P. Suresh Kaushik, S.H.O. Sunil Mittal, Inspector Dinomica Purty and Sub Inspector Parvesh Kumar to the assembly of children in the school's auditorium. The officials discussed about various issues pertaining to girl child security, and how to defend oneself when there is eve teasing and when one hears lewd remarks or is mentally and socially harrased. Primarily the operation aimed at curbing cases of sexual crimes and educating children about good touch and bad touch. This would raise and instill confidence in them, making them feel secure in seeking help in such matters. During the worksop the senior police officials also mentioned that primarily, women police officers would be engaged with girls and they shall educate them about self defence. Girls of Classes 6 to 12 were in the congregation listening with rapt attention to the talk. The NWPO would visit the schools once a week and meet the girl students, interact with them to encourage and share their experiences pertaining to sexual harrasment. It was a sure shot awareness about abuse and molestation. The Principal Ms. Anita Puri made a gratulatory speech at the end and lauded the efforts of the police department. Manager Ms. Meena Malik also spoke a few words of motivation and asked the students to be valiant, strong hearted and fearless. Students were asked to be confident and became bold.


Celebrating World Food Day
Keeping in mind the celebration of World Food Day by the United Nations on October 16th 2015, the School also organized various activities to raise awareness as students are the agents of change. The Middle Section Debate club organized a session on the theme Nutritious Food versus Junk Food. What makes an apple healthier than a donut? What really is the difference between a food that builds one’s health and one that does not, and other such arguments and facts formed the crux of the debate. Excerpts of the debate were read out for the benefit of the students in the morning assembly.