Events - November 2017

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Vigilance Awareness Week
The School organized the Vigilance Awareness Week from 30th October 2017. Several activities as outlined by the CBSE were conducted in the School in various classes. The Week commenced with the staff and students taking the Integrity Pledge in the morning assembly. Students of classes 6 and 7 had a Slogan Writing activity on “Corruption Free India” and the slogans were placed at prominent locations in the School. For classes 8 & 9, a cartoon making activity was conducted on “Corruption Free India”. The students of class 11 participated in an Elocution contest on the topic “How Value Education Contributes in Controlling Corruption”. For the class 10 students an Essay writing competition on “The Role of IT in Making India Corruption Free” was organized. On 31st October 2017, the entire School took the pledge for the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas in the morning assembly. A Street Play (Nukkad Naatak) was performed by the students on “How Does Corruption Tarnish The Image Of The Country In The Global Perspective”. All the activities were conducted to ensure mass participation by all students.


Celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti

Class 1
The students of Class 1 were very enthusiastic and full of fervour to celebrate the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. To celebrate the sacred festival, they all came in Punjabi traditional attire. The teachers informed them about the life, history and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. A few students spoke lines and narrated stories of his childhood. The celebration was followed by recitation of Gurbani and hymns. Small Prabhat Pheris were also organised in the class in which students sang hymns like “Ucha dar Babe Nanak da”. They also splashed colours on the sheets given by the teacher. Celebration was ended by distribution of sweets and prashad. It was a joyful and enriching experience for everyone.

Class 2
The students of Class 2 celebrated Guru Nanak Dev's Birthday with a lot zeal and enthusiasm. The teachers initiated the celebrations by introducing the importance of the festival. A few students sang holy hymns while some recited poems related to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. In the end, a Nagar Kirtan was organised and Prasada was distributed.

Class 3
Guru Purab was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm by Class 3 students. An environment of holiness was created as students narrated their faith and belief in the preachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The teachers enlightened the students about how and why Guru Purab is celebrated. Relevant videos were shown on the smartboard which showcased the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his life. Some students had brought "Karah Prasad" for their peers and teachers. Overall the celebration was a great learning experience for the students.

Class 4
Class 4 celebrated Guru Purab with enthusiasm and religious fervour. Dressed in colourful tradtional Punjabi attire, the kids sang hymns and narrated incidents from the life of Guru Nanak Dev. The were educated about the importance of the celebration and also other Sikh gurus. The celebrations concluded with the students sharing Prasad.

Class 5
The true saints come with a message of love, care, humility, kindness to redeem mankind of its sufferings. Class 5 celebrated Guru Nanakji's birthday reiterating the same message. Students sang Shabads from Gurbani, read out the teachings of the great Saint and distributed parshad amongst teachers and their classmates. They also listened to Gurbani with devotion. The classroom board was decorated with beautiful portraits of Guru Nanakji, Shabad writings, and cards etc.


Sanskrit Workshop
Ratna Sagar P. Ltd. Organized a Sanskrit seminar at the Basava International School, Sector-23, Dwarka, New Delhi on 2nd Novemnber 2017. Dr. Vijay Kumar Karn – the Resource person welcomed all the participants and emphasised the importance of Sanskrit in the syllabus. The resource person discussed various ideas with the participants such as how to connect Sanskrit to the main stream subjects. The optimum methods of teaching Sanskrit were discussed in detail. The participants exchanged their views regarding the common mistakes made by students and how to improve their skills. The workshop was attended by Ms. Vibha Saluja, TGT (Sanskrit).


Celebrating Children's Day

Class 1
The students of Class 1, celebrated Children’s Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. They all were dressed in their best colourful attires for joyous occasion. The celebrations begin with a short introduction given by the teachers in their respective classes highlighting the importance of this day, by which they were informed that every year on 14th –November, Children’s Day is celebrated dedicated to our 1st Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, who was fondly called “Chacha Nehru”. The students spoke a few lines on the occasion and sang songs to express their happiness. All the kids enjoyed the celebrations.


Class 2
The Class 2 children were super excited about the Children’s Day celebration. They learned about the significance of the day with their class teachers’ help. A few students gave interesting performances on this occasion. They also learned how to make Nehru caps, Greeting Cards and a craft-tie. They made greeting cards for their favourite Chacha Nehru. They all were dressed in bright and beautiful party clothes. They grooved on fun songs and enjoyed their day to the fullest.

Class 3
The students of class 3 celebrated Children's Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The event commenced with a short lecture given by the teacher, briefing the children about the significance of the day in every child's life. They were informed that 14th November is the birth anniversary of India's first prime minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, whom children used to addressed as “Chacha Nehru“, as he had always displayed his special bond and love for the children and vice-verse. This day is to remind ourselves of our childhood days and forget about all the worries and problems. The children whole-heartedly participated in the celebrations and had lots of fun while making cards inscribed with the teachings of Pandit Nehru. The programme conclued with a happy note with distribution of sweets among the students.

Class 4
Children’s Day reminds us about the importance of children in the family, society and country. The day was celebrated with great gaiety, joy and innocent smiles. The students came dressed in colourful attire and made cards, banners, sang songs and danced to their favourite tunes. They showed their creativity by making Nehru Caps and Chacha Ji’s Red Roses. A party was organised to celebrate the day. The school echoed with love and laughter of young kids throughout the day.

Class 5
A day for the children dedicated to them by their beloved Chacha Nehru was celebrated with gaiety, joy, fun and laughter. Dressed in their best, the children danced to swinging music, made greeting cards, banners, and crafted paper objects like flowers, animal figures etc. A party was also organized for them to celebrate with food and merriment.


Magic Show
The students of Classes 1 & 2 were in for a treat on 15th November 2017, when the School organized a Magic Show for the little ones. The children sat throughout the performance spellbound and applauding at every trick. The magician made the acts even more enjoyable calling on the stage not only the children but also the teachers. It was an enjoyable and fun-filled time for all.


National Integration Week
With a view to foster and reinforce the spirit of Communal Harmony, National Integration and pride in our vibrant, composite culture and nationhood, the School observed the National Integration Week (Quami Ekta Saptah) from 22nd November to 30th November, 2017.
The idea of observing the Quami Ekta Week was to spread message amongst students to understand the inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand actual and potential threats to the eclectic and secular fabric of our country, and also nurture a spirit of communal harmony. This occasion also provided an opportunity to reaffirm the age old traditions and faith in the values of tolerance, co-existence and brotherhood in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society.
Different activities i.e. Linguistic Harmony Day, Women’s Day, Conservation Day, Cultural Unity Day, Weaker Section Day etc. were conducted in the school during the course of the National Integration Week.