Events - November 2015

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Helpage India Awards
The popular NGO Helpage India that works for the upliftment of the poor and the elderly has awarded a certificate of appreciation and a trophy to the School for its generous contribution of Rs.80,000/- towards this noble cause. Individual appreciation certificates have been awarded to Manan Ahuja (6) who donated Rs.2870/-, Dev Nehra (4) for his donation of Rs.2600/- and Parth Sehgal (4) for his contribution of Rs.2500/-.


CFS Celebrates Diwali with Tihar Inmates
In its humble effort to provide happier moments to the Jail inmates and their children at Tihar, the School distributed sweets, chocolates, etc. along with Tri-cycles, puzzle games and winter clothing to mark the celebrations of the Diwali festival on Monday, 9th November, 2015 on the auspicious occasion of Dhan Teras. The School Principal, Ms. Anita Puri, Manager, Ms. Meena Malik, accompanied by a group of teachers visited the Tihar premises where they were accorded a warm welcome by the authorities and the Superintendent, Ms. Anju Mangla. The children at Tihar performed cultural dances and sang Vande Mataram, adding fervor to the event. The Principal spoke a few words of encouragement for the inmates and their children highlighting the importance of the festival. She also assured them of the School’s commitment towards continuing such efforts in several future events as well. She thanked the authorities for giving the school the opportunity to play its part. Ms. Anju Mangla expressed gratitude to Ms. Puri and the entire CFS fraternity for its noble effort. She also credited the school for the computers presented on an earlier occasion. She acknowledged that they have been of great help. The event finally culminated with the authorities serving High Tea.

Diwali Celebrations
Class 1
To welcome the festival of lights, the students of Class 1 celebrated Diwali with devotion, enthusiasm and excitement. Creatively decorated classrooms added charm and a religious fervour to the atmosphere. The little ones dressed up as different characters from the Ramayana enacted scenes from the Epic. Exchanging gifts, cards and sweets brought joy and gaiety amongst one and all. Our shining stars narrated the significance of Diwali by reciting poems and show-cased charts on 'SAY NO TO CRACKERS'.

Class 2
The much loved festival of lights- Diwali was celebrated with traditional fervour in Class 2. The children were looking beautiful in their traditional attire. The celebrations started with Prayer to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. The significance of the festival was narrated to the students. They participated in various activities like poem recitation, rangoli making, dance etc. The 'Floating candle' making activity was the highlight of the day. Children also shared their views on 'how to celebrate Diwali in a different way' and they all pledged to have a green Diwali this year. It was a time of fun and enjoyment for all.
Class 3
Diwali was celebrated with great zeal and gaiety in Class 3. A plethora of activities were organised. Significance of the festival was stressed upon in the class. The students pledged that they will celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali without crackers and pollution. Students decorated diyas and made lamps and strings. They were looking charming in colourful attires. Students shared sweets among themselves.

Class 4
Amidst great excitement the students of Class 4 made beautiful rangolis with nice herbal colours and decorated their class rooms with colourful buntings and ribbons. After that there was a Diya decoration competition. The students decorated diyas and displayed them in their classes. They made posters on "Green Pollution Free Diwali", "Say no to crackers " etc. The importance of Diwali was stressed upon. The students prayed to Goddess Lakshmi and lit diyas and candles and exchanged sweets with each other in the class.
Class 5
On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, the children of Class 5 came dressed up in ethnic attire. Girls prepared numerous colourful and attractive rangolis, whereas the boys decorated diyas with paint, stars, mirrors etc. They were told about the significance of the festival. The day was full of fun and frolic. The students also pledged to celebrate Diwali without crackers.


SAE AWIM 2015 Workshops and Regional Olympics
AWIM “A world in motion” has always aimed to promote effective learning & understanding of science among young students. The AWIM competition, an SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) activity in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., targets the young minds, inculcating the application of science and mathematics in them. There were basically two challenges – Jet toy for class 6 and Skimmer for class 5. A team of volunteers trained a team of 4 stduents from Classes 5 & 6 each in 6 training sessions of 1 and half hours each. The students were provided with kits, for learning & practice. The Regional Olympic was held on 7th November, 2015 at Mapple Emerald, Rajokri, New Delhi. The event had started with a Welcome note, introduction and rules briefing. The participants with volunteers went for Toy fabrication + Poster (Jet toy & Skimmer) followed by Track rounds and presentation rounds for both Jet toy and Skimmer. The participants were given certificates. Such events help the students in enhancing their thought-building process and they learn through experimental learning.


Environmental Workshop - Cummins India Ltd.
A workshop was conducted by Cummins India Ltd., on 18th November, 2015 for Classes VII-X on Waste Management and Secure Clean Green Environment. The resource persons Mr. Praveen Kr. Tangri and Mr. Shantha Kumar apprised the children about their role in creating and maintaining a clean environment. Interesting and informative animations were shown to help them grow as responsible adults and become ambassadors of sustainable development. The students pledged to protect Mother Earth and follow the 3'rs in their day to day life, i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Jan Prasaran Diwas
A group of students from Classes 9 - 12 attended the "Jan Prasaran Diwas" held at India International Centre on 12th November 2015. This day is observed in commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi’s first and only appearance on Radio on 12th November 1947 when he addressed the refugees from Pakistan. Excerpts from Gandhji’s broadcast along with presentations & discussions on Constitution of India – "Idea & Ideology" were witnessed by the children. The second session included a National Live commemoration broadcast on AIR from the Broadcasting House, Parliament Street. It was indeed an educative experience for the students as they were exposed to the concepts & values of Public Service Broadcasting.


Celebrating Chhath Puja

Class 1
The students of Class 1 celebrated the festival of Chhath Puja with fervour and gaiety. They were told about the significance and origin of the festival. Students enthusiastically recited poems related to the Sun God and narrated few lines on the same. They made colourful drawings and recited the mantra 'OM SURYA NAMAH'.

Class 2
Chhath Puja, the festival of faith was celebrated by the students of Class 2 with traditional fervour. The day began with worshipping of the Sun God. Mythological stories, history and importance of the festival was shared with the students. They participated in a bookmark making activity using cutouts of the Sun. A short role play was presented by the students showing importance of the festival. The day was full of festivity and fun.
Class 3
The celebration of Chhath Puja in Class 3, started with telling the students about the significance of the festival. They were told that we worship and thank God the Sun for bestowing the bounties of life on earth. They made drawings and sketches related to the festival and watched a video. The students had fun and enjoyed the day.

Class 4
Chhath is an ancient Hindu Vedic festival which was celebrated by the students of Class 4 on 20th November 2015. This festival is dedicated to the Sun God and is observed to thank Him for sustaining life on Earth. The students performed a skit based on the story. The girls came dressed in colourful costumes and brought fruits and other delicacies that are made for the occasion. They enacted the Puja ceremony to worship the Sun God. It was a fun filled and an informative session.
Class 5
The festival was celebrated with aplomb by the students of Class 5. The day began with making colourful collages related to Chhath Puja. Children also wrote articles related to the festival and spoke a few lines on it. They were informed that the Chhath Puja is performed in order to thank Surya for sustaining life on earth. The celebration ended with great joy and learning.


Workshop Effective English Language Teaching
Ratna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. publishers, conducted a workshop on 21st November 2015 at St. Mark's Girls Sr. Sec. School, Meera Bagh. The resource person Ila Vij apprised the participants about various ways of making teaching learning a worth while experience. She discussed indepth the problems faced by students while attempting writing skill exercises. She stressed on giving students room for self correction and elimination of rote learning. The workshop was attended by Ms. Sisira Vishwanath.


GurPurab Celebrations
Class 1
The students of Class 1 celebrated Guru Nanak Jayanti with devotion and enthusiasm. Students were apprised about the significance of this day. They were shown various images related to the festival. They enacted the Prabhat Pheri. They also chanted "Ek-Onkar" and presented a skit. A short documentary was shown about the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the story behind the "Panch Pyare". Students made a cut-out of the "Ek- Onkar" symbol and decorated it artistically.

Class 2
The students of Class 2 celebrated Gurpurab with fervour and gaiety. The celebration started with a prayer. The students were told about the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. "Ek Onkar" was chanted by all. Students presented a Shabad kirtan and also spoke on the teachings and principles of Guru Nanak Ji. A procession led by the "Panj Pyaras" was taken out. The children participated in a photo frame making activity. Overall it was a day filled with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Class 3
The students of Class 3 celebrated Gurupurab with pomp and show. They came dressed in colourful attires and sang Shabads. They also made drawings of the "Ek Onkar" symbol. They were informed of the significance of the festival and also the life and teachings of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Class 4
The students of Class 4 celebrated Gurpurab the birth anniversary of the first Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Students recited a few couplets/Shabads of the Gurbani. The Sikh boys came dressed wearing Yellow patkas and Kurta Pyjamas with kirpans and the girls were wearing Salwar Suit. The students read about the life of the Guru Nanak Dev and his preachings in which he said "God is one". Students also brought Kadha Prasad, which was distributed in class.

Class 5
The auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti was celebrated with great joy. A group of students enacted the Prabhat Pheri in all the sections and distributed Kadha Prasad. The kids sang devotional shabads which were truly mesmerising. They drew pictures of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and even spoke a few lines on the festival and the life and teaching of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


Accountancy Workshop
A workshop for the Accountancy teachers was organized on 27th November 2015 on changes in the syllabus. The session was initiated by Dr S. C. Sharma, Retired Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Commerce, C.R.M. Jat P.G. College, Vikas Puri. He discussed in detail the changes in the Accountancy syllabus with special reference to th Companies Act 2013. He also discussed the latest guidelines given by CBSE regarding updates in the project work for Class XII. The workshop was very enriching and beneficial for the teachers and students. The workshop was attended by Ms. Sonal Vij.


Constitution Day
The Constitution Day was observed on 26th November, 2015. It was on this day that the Constituent Assembly adopted the constitution in 1949. The Constitution Day or the Samvidhan Divas is observed to sensitize the people about the Indian Constitution and its chief architect Dr. B.R. Ambedkar who is also known as the 'father of the Indian Constitution'. To mark this event the Preamble was recited during the School Assembly followed by on oath to abide by the laws, reject violence in every form and keep the environment clean and tidy. Some salient features and interesting facts about the constitution were also mentioned.


Career Conclave at CFS
CFS hosted an enlightening session of the Career Conclave on 28th November 2015, with a panel of well regarded field experts. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Bhatnagar, Dir. Gen., Telecom Equipment and Services, Shri R. P. Meena, (Odisha Cadre), Addl DCP –II, North West District, Delhi, and many other subject matter experts from various disciplines under the guidance of Ms Sheila Verma with the ongoing GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS.
The three hour session with these liegemen was in line with the aim to guide and empower the students with knowledge and perspective enabling them to assess their interests and career options. Another dignitary Ms. Anju Mangla, Superintendent, CJ-6, Tihar, was formally welcomed by the School Manager, Ms Meena Malik. The School Principal, Ms. Anita Puri, in her address stated that CFS has always endeavored to help the students in their path to different avenues and given the required momentum to the creative think –tank of tomorrow.
Appreciative of this initiative by CFS Mr.Rakesh Bhatnagar said “I am glad that CFS is providing a platform, such as the Career Conclave which looks at addressing the queries that parents and students may have about the future, they can look forward to, after pursuing these courses”. The conclave turned out to be a great success with enthusiastic participation from the audience as well as speakers.