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May 2018

“Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety” -Aeschylus
Road sense is the offspring of courtesy and the parent of Safety. The School observed Road Safety Week under the theme “SADAK SURAKSHA JEEVAN RAKSHA” 2nd May to 18th May 2018. The students learnt that the best safety device is the Rear View mirror in every vehicle with a Traffic Policeman in it. The children of the Primary wing participated in a Slogan Writing cum Poster Making activity in order to understand and learn about Road Safety measures. The little ones made symbols and drew designs related to driving tips and accident care. The middle wing students attempted a Questionnaire based on the Norms of the Road Safety measures. For the students of the Senior Wing a Declamation Contest on the topic Road Safety issues was conducted. The students became aware of the various issues and how to safeguard themselves by following all the road safety rules.


World Red Cross Day
Under the able guidance of Principal Dr. Anita Puri and Manager Ms. Meena Malik, the School observed World Red Cross, by conducting a Special Assembly on 8th May 2018. The Special Day is celebrated worldwide in honour of Sir Jean Henry Dunant, the Founder of the Red Cross Movement. Sir Dunant, was given a tribute with a speech highlighting the origins, need and development of the World Red Cross organization.


Vector-Borne Disease Eradication Week
Involving students is of great importance in awareness creating activities as they can act as ambassadors not only in the their families but also amongst their friends and relatives. Students are the most receptive to Health messages and bring about the desired behavioural change in their homes and their surrounding environment. Keeping this in mind a week long events were organized from Tuesday 1st May to 8th May 2018 by the students of Class 11 under the guidelines of the Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi, on spreading awareness on Dengue, Chikunguniya and Malaria. The student fraternity under took task of sensitizing students during the Morning Assembly about prevention and control of mosquitogenic diseases, talking at length about a list of do’s and don’ts and encouraging students to wear full sleeves clothes, among others. During the week a Drawing Competition was organized for students of classes VI to VII on Saturday 5th May 2018 in the Activity Period. The School also organized a Rally to bring awareness which was flagged off on Tuesday 8th May. Students with colorful banners were successful in getting the message across.



Celebrating Mother's Day
Mothers’ Day, a special day of the year was celebrated with great love and joy in the School on 12th May 2018. The students of classes IV and V presented a zealous Special Assembly where they spoke few lines in honour of the most important persons on the earth, the Mothers. This was followed by a short ballet where the young performers danced to the emotional tunes of Mothers’ Day Songs. The performance was worth appreciating and the students’ effort was commendable.
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Modern Techniques for Teaching Hindi
N K Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka, in collaboration with Rachna Sagar Publishers organized a workshop on Modern Techniques of Teaching Hindi on 14th May 2018. The resource person, Dr. Varun Prasun, highlighted and emphasized on modern techniques of Hindi teaching namely – writing, listening, reading and speaking. He emphasized on the aims and objectives of teaching Hindi language. He also discussed about the general mistakes done by students. Different topics of grammar like ‘Sandhi’, ‘Samas’, ‘R ke roop’, and ‘Anuswar’, ‘Anunasic’ types of sentences were also talked about. Dr. Prasun, also shared some of his poetry with the attendees. The workshop was attended by Ms. Jyoti Rampal (TGT).


CBSE Capacity Building Programme - Value Education
The Government of India has, for a long time recognized the need for education for values in our schools. On the basis of the recommendation made by the Kothari Commission, the Government of India introduced classes on Moral Education. This was the landmark movement in the direction of inculcating Values Education at the school level. As a result of which a Capacity Building Programme on Value Education was organized by the CBSE, Centre of Excellence on 17th May 2018, from 9:00am to 4:30pm at the N C Jindal Public School, Punjabi Bagh. The main approach of this workshop was to make learners aware of inherent value, and that teachers face conflicting situations while teaching and the pointers as discussed by the resource person should be practiced not only in theory, but also in real life. The attendees participated in several activities involving integration of values, role play all of which lead to positive behavioural patterns and outcomes. The workshop was attended by Ms. Nidhi Dhamija.


International Museum Day
On the occasion of International Museum Day, the National Museum, New Delhi in collaboration with Panash Marketing Technology Venture and Confederation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations of India (CUCAI) organized a conference to highlight the role of museums as a means to promote cultural heritage and tourism on 18th May 2018. The attendees were informed that there are about 63 different museums in Delhi including the recently opened Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Representatives of different museums in Delhi were invited to express their views and inform about new techniques for promotion and awareness. Some of the eminent speakers were Mr Arun Kumar Khanna, Superintending Archaeologist (Retd), Abdul Khan Founder & CEO, 4 Marketing Technology Venture, Dr. Dhirendra Bhatnagar, Secretary General, CUCAI. The focus was on the educational aspect to raise awareness among teachers and students about the pivotal role of museum in enrichment of cultures, development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace. The seminar was attended by Ms. Uma Gandhi and Ms. Rakhi Khosla.


CBSE Capacity Building Workshop on Life Skills
The School conducted a Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills in collaboration with the CBSE, Centre of Excellence, Delhi on 18th May 2018.The session was initiated by Mr. M. L. Sawhney, a Retired Lecturer. He emphasized on experiential learning and interactive teaching learning methods. He discussed the ten core Life Skills as identified by WHO. Mr. Sawhney made use of real life activities, worksheets and assignments, simulation, drama, brainstorming, situation analysis, relaxation exercises and many more such interactive and participatory techniques to impart Life Skills Education to the attendees. The workshop provided a platform for professional development and subject based interaction among teachers. The session was really educative and informative. The workshop was attended by 31 participants from Schools all over Delhi.


CBSE Capacity Building Workshop - Class IX English
St. Marks Public School, Janakpuri, conducted a two day Capacity Building Programme on Class IX English in collaboration with the CBSE, Centre of Excellence, Delhi on 17th & 18th May 2018. The Workshop aimed at familiarising teachers with the current developments and emerging trends in language education and language pedagogy in Indian context. Based on the ideas of National Curriculum Framework, the Workshop introduced ways and means of making English language classrooms, more effective and conducive for the learners to learn the language. The Resource Person, Ms. Ruchi Sengar brought in aspects, which a teacher should know in order to provide meaningful experiences for learners in their attempt to learn the English language. Each activity conducted in the Workshop provided key concepts, case studies of teacher practice and ideas to implement in the classrooms and make teaching interactive and interesting. The workshop was attended by Ms. Sisira Vishwanath and Ms. Lovelina Suri.


CBSE Capacity Building Workshop On Inclusion & Inclusive Strategies
A Two Day Capacity Building Programme on Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies was organized by Gyan Mandir Public School on 21st and 22nd May 2018 in collaboration with the CBSE Centre of Excellence, Delhi. The workshop aimed at the importance of the role of the Special Educator was discussed and also laid emphasis on the Student Teacher relationship. The teachers went through several rounds of various activities conducted by the resource persons Mr. Vikas Beniwal and Ms. Garima. Various specific classroom practices were recommended to ensure the participation of all learners with a diverse range of abilities. Various strategies were suggested for commonly observed behavioural problems and their management. The workshop was attended by Ms. Manju Arora and Ms. Neeru Sohi.




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