Events - May 2017

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Seminar on Stem Cells - National Science Centre
The students of Classes 11 and 12 Medical Stream visited the National Science Centre on 11th May 2017 on the occasion of ‘National Technology Day’ to attend a workshop on Stem Cells. The need and importance of stem cells and cellular therapy was explained by Dr. Sujata Mohanty, a renowned doctor at AIIMS. Dr. Mohanty interacted with students and explained to them the importance of upcoming biotechnology fields in stem cells technology where in every organ can be regenerated using stem cells. Videos and Presentations on stem cells were also shown to the students. Further, a quiz and rapid fire round on ‘Science and Biotechnology field’ was also organized. Our student Smriti of Class XII won a prize. The seminar was educative and informative.


Science Workshop - Effective Teaching
The Ratna Sagar Publications conducted a workshop on Effective Teaching of Science in the School Auditorium on 13th May 2017. The workshop was attended by Science faculty of the School and invitees from various schools of Delhi. The resource person was Ms. Anjali Singh, M.Sc. Electronics, who is currently working with Ratna Sagar as an educator cum motivational trainer. The workshop was an effective and enriching experience in Teaching - Learning of Science as a subject. The workshop began with attributes of science which are basically enquiry, creativity, and encouraging students to ask questions and think rationally, and how to inculcate these attributes in students. The emphasis was on "Learning By Doing". The takeaway from the workshop was a changed perspective on inputs in teaching and outcomes in learning.


Workshop - Effective Teaching Methodologies
A wokshop on Effective Teaching methods was organised by the Srijan Publications on 15th May 2017. The resource person was Ms Madhulika Singh, an enthusiastic trainer with an experience of 25 years. The primary aim of the workshop was to acquaint teachers with effective teaching measures especially during classroom teaching. She focused on Learning Strategies, Leadership Theory of X and Y. She also highlighted on the impact the teachers have on the students while teaching and the role of encouraging the students so that they may ask questions fearlessly and clear their doubts.


Advantage Learning Seminar for Teaching Languages
The School organized a workshop in co-ordination with Prachi Publications for teachers on 13th May 2017. The resource person Mr. Dalip Kumar, a Postgraduate in Hindi/Sanskrit conducted the Advantage Learning Seminar. The main objective of the workshop was to motivate the teachers for teaching language subjects and to enlighten the children with the importance of Hindi as a language. Mr. Kumar, also laid emphasis on Student Orientation Teaching. He threw light on interactive teaching pedagogies, keeping in mind today's children. He advised teachers to encourage children in being inquisitive and encourage their questions asked during the class. He also stressed that teachers should be caring, soft spoken and knowledgeable so that students should not be hesitant to approach them.


Workshop on Body Language and Non Verbal Communication
A workshop on the Role of Body language and Non-verbal Communicaton in Technology was conducted on 15th May 2017 by Pitambar Publications in the School Auditorium. The resource person was Ms Kiran Mishra. The workshop stressed on the importance of body language and posture in classroom teaching. She specified that the teacher's posture should be absolutely straight, and she should have eye contact with her students. The emphasis was on qualities of a good teacher - confident, helpful, supportive, passionate, humorous, knowledgeable and patient. The workshop was attended by teachers of classes 1 to 5. The workshop was very informatove and the attendees went back enriched.


CBSE Classroom Management Workshop
A two day Classroom Management workshop was conducted by the CBSE at Guru Nanak Public School, on 16th & 17th May 2017. The resource persons for the event were Ms. Anita and Ms. Renu Malia, Master Trainer, CBSE, with an experience of 30 years. The workshop commenced with group activities on how to manage a classroom. The various components of an effective classroom management system were explained in detail, such as planning of lessons, engaging students, ensuring learning, setting norms, time management, resource management and enacting self-discipline. Also, discussed were the the challenges faced in achieving a proper class decorum. Case studies from the Primary, Middle and Senior sections were also discussed. The resource persons also dealt with behaviourial issues in students and how to cope with them. Overall it was an instructive, informative and edifying workshop which aimed at creating a better role model for a better future. The workshop was attended by Ms. Rekha Ahuja, TGT (Math).


Archaeological Survey of India - Extempore Speech Contest
On 18th May 2017, on the occasion of International Museum Day, the Archaeological Survey of India, organized an Inter School Extempore Speech Contest at the Swatantrta Sangram Sanghralaya, Red Fort. A large number of Schools from all over Delhi participated in the contest. The School was represented by A. Vamsi Vishwanath (10D), who won the 3rd prize in the event.


CBSE Capacity Building Programme
The CBSE conducted a two day Capacity Building Programme at the Centre of Excellence, Gurugram on 18th and 19th May 2017. The resource persons were Ms Meenu Tiwari and Mr G K Mishra. Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives was explained. The general aims of science education were discussed using the basic criteria of validity of a science curriculum. Various group activities were conducted by the resource persons which were successfully done by the attendees. The participants were also given information on making of lesson plans and framing of question papers. It was a well conducted workshop. The event was attended by Ms. Manju Arora, TGT (Science) and Ms. Neeru Sohi, TGT (Science).