Events & Happenings

June 2019

Workshop on Python
A workshop on Up - Skilling Programme - Python - for Computer Science and Informatics Practices was conducted on 25th June 2019 at Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram. The workshop aimed at providing in-depth knowledge to the Computer Science teachers of Classes XI & XII regarding the new syllabus for Computer Science and Informatics Practices. The changes in syllabus were discussed in detail by Mr. Mukesh Kumar, HOD (Computer Science), Delhi Public School. The installation of various modules of Python was also demonstrated. The workshop was attended by Ms. Sonia Dogra (PGT., Comp. Sc).


CBSE Workshop on Artitficial Intelligence
A two day CBSE workshop aimed to introduce Artificial Intelligence as skill subject in Class IX was organized on 29th and 30th June at Shiksha Sadan, Rouse Avenue, to acclimatize the teachers. The Training Programme was conducted in partnership with Intel. This programme aimed at sensitizing the teachers about the syllabus of Artificial Intelligence, the methodology and the pedagogy to be adopted. The trainers discussed the topics in detail with participants with the help of activities making it very interactive and easy to comprehend. The workshop was attended by Ms. Anju Narang (Computer Teacher).


Staff Training on Adobe Spark Note
Kips Publications organized a Training Session guiding the teachers on the usage of Adobe Spark Note on 28th June 2019. The resource person, Mr. Gurpreet Singh began the session by showing a video on "I'm a Teacher". Later he showcased the various features of Spark Note. He elucidated on how to create a webpage by using different functions. In the second half of the session he informed the teachers about Cyber Crime. He discussed various live examples of how and why cyber crime is spreading so rapidly and why school children are most susceptible to cyber crime.


Pearson Publications - Workshop on POCSO
The School organized a workshop for the teachers on POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) on 29th June, 2019 in the school auditorium in collaboration with Pearson Education. The resource person Ms. Geetanjali highlighted guidelines for the Child Rights and safety protection to the children. Statistical data showed that cases of sexual offences have increased since 2012. She appropriately described the POCSO Act, and explained the role of POCSO Committee. She also stressed that awareness should be created among students through workshops and training sessions. The innocence of the children should be turned into informed innocence, enhancing the willingness of the teachers to accept child protection and guidance roles, advocacy with teachers and parents on understanding child development. The teachers were also shown videos depicting and good and bad touch. The teachers were apprised of their role to make the school environment safe and protective for the children.




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