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July 2018

Accountancy Workshop
A workshop on “Changes in the Accountancy Syllabus” and Accounting treatment of GST, NPO and other related topics was held on 7th July 2018, at the Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura. The session was initiated by Dr. Dinesh Madan, Founder of the Commerce Teachers Foundation. Dr. Madan discussed the changes in the syllabus thoroughly with all the teachers. The session was then taken over by Dr. G. S. Grewal, an eminent author of Accountancy. He shed light on the impact of GST over Accountancy and its accounting treatment and how it may be taught to the students. He also emphasized on the changes in Accountancy syllabus and time management when writing an exam. The final part of the session was conducted by Mr. R. K. Khosla, a renowned Accountancy author. He explained impact of Single Entry System of Accounting and its conversion to Double Entry. Mr. Khosla, also solved the queries of teachers related to the issue. The session was really educative and informative. The workshop was attended by Ms. Sonal Vij and Mr. Mukesh Ahluwalia.


Story Telling Competition
A story telling competition was organized for the students of Class 5 on 14th July 2018. The aim of the competition was to enhance verbal proficiency of the students by stressing on pronunciation and clarity of speech. This encouraged them to bring out their creativity and imagination power. The students participated enthusiastically and enjoyed listening to different stories.


Yoga Demonstration
A special assembly to commemorate the International Yoga Day, was conducted on 14th July 2018, under the able guidance of Principal, Dr. Anita Puri and Manager, Meena Malik to make the students understand the importance of staying fit by doing Yoga. A team of dedicated students from classes 3 to 11 presented rhythmic Asanas on meditational and
heart pleasing music. The students performed the following Asanas:
1-Formation of word yoga.
Y-Sarvang asana
O-Chakkar asana
G-Utkat asana
A-Ek padsantulan asana.
2- Surya namaskar -with pleasing Surya Archana mantra
3- Natraj asana-with shiv stuti
4- Sheersh asana(head stand)
5- Sarvang asana(shoulder stand)
6- Chakkar asana
7- Garud asana
8- Rajkapot asana
9- Nauka asana
10- Vrishchik asana
11- Ushtra ASANA.
12- Ardhpadamsantulan asana
Asanas performed depicted peace and calmness. All the students and staff enjoyed the performance.


Reading Mission - 2022
The School celebrated the 23rd Reading Month 18th June to 19th July 2018, under Reading Mission-2022. Under this banner, the School organized a reading week from 8th to 14th of July 2018 to boost reading habits amongst the children. Various activities like painting and drawing, quiz program, project on authors and writers, poetry recitation, enactment, storytelling and narrating an event or incident were also taken up by various classes under the supervision of their teachers to sensitize them about importance of reading under the Reading mission- 2022. The Children penned down beautiful expressions on ‘Reading’ highlighting its importance and how it increases the vocabulary and leads to personal growth.


Webinar - NPOCA India
An online session was conducted NOPCA India on the topic "How to become a Top Student" on 13th July 2018. The Webinar was streamed from 10:30am to 11:15am. The session was taken up by Mr. Sandeep Singh, Group Program Manager- HCL Technologies. The students of Classes 11 and 12 attended the session. The resource person enlightened the students to improve analytical and logical skills among the students. He highlighted the relevance of focus and concentration to excel in studies.


Workshop On Online Labs
JM International School, Dwarka, organized a workshop on Online Labs, in collaboration with Amrita Create, on 16th July 2018. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Chandrashekhar. The workshop introduced teachers to the concept of O Labs for Science, Maths and English. The labs are free of cost and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. O Labs provide the students the freedom to explore, repeat and learn the experiments at their own learning rhythm. The workshop was attended by Ms. Rachna Kapur (TGT Science) and Ms. Kirti Arora (PGT Chemistry).


IRSC Road Safety Workshop
IIT Delhi – Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC), organized a Road Safety workshop for the students of Class 5 on 17th July 2018, in the School Auditorium. A drawing competition was held for the students which encouraged their creative thinking. Special prizes were given to some students for their out of the box ideas. The resource person enlightened the kids regarding the correct usage of helmets. The students enjoyed the session and gave their commitment to follow the traffic rules and also to follow the road safety guidelines.


Workshop on Good and Bad Touch
A special workshop on Good Touch and Bad Touch for the students of Classes 4 and 5 was organized by Pratisandhi on 21st July 2018, in the School Auditorium. The resource persons educated the students about Safe, Unsafe and Unwanted touches. They even guided the kids how they should react in case of unsafe or unwanted touch. The session was interactive one, the resource persons answered various queries raised by the kids.


CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management
Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, conducted a two day Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management 20th and 21st July 2018. The session was initiated by Ms. Sudha Acharya, Principal, ITL Public School, Dwarka, who explained the importance of classroom management and discipline. She highlighted some common problems faced by teachers while teaching in the classroom and dealing with different types of students. On the first day of the session, Ms. Acharya enlightened the teachers about various solutions that can be used by them to tackle the problems of classroom management. She also informed the teachers about different methods and techniques that can be used by them to involve students in the classroom. On the second day of the workshop, Mrs. Sudha explained about the new and innovative methods which can be implemented in the class to make the lecture more interesting. Various activities were also conducted during the programme to enhance the abilities of teachers to deal with students’ problems. The two day training programme, which was attended by Mr. J. Venkatesan, PGT Mathematics, was really informative.


Workshop on Economics
The Ambience Public School, Safdarjung Enclave organized a Workshop on Economics on 21st July 2018. Ms. Shurti, welcomed the resource persons and the teachers. The session was initiated by Mr. Amit Arora, Founder Member of “Ecovisionnaire Believe In Yourself”. He discussed the Class XI and XII syllabus in detail and also apprised the attendees of the various changes in the syllabus. The session was the taken over by Mr T. R. Rustagi, HOD Economics, J.D. Tytler and Member of CBSE Marking Scheme Committee. Mr. Rustagi, shed light on the curriculum to be covered in Class X. He discussed different techniques and strategies in this regard with the teachers. He also emphasized on how to manage time during exam by the students. Mr. Kunal Dua, an eminent speaker, informed the gathering on the various aspects that could be used by the teachers to make the lecture more interactive and interesting. He also discussed some tricks for quick learning of formulas. The session was really educative and informative. The workshop was attended by Ms. Parwinder Kaur, PGT Economics.


Intensified Diarrhoea Control
We all know that Diarrhoea is a serious threat to the health of all. The Government, particularly the Directorate of Education has taken a very serious view of the same and has issued an advisory to all institutions to intensify emphasis on ensuring Diarrhoea control. To the effect, on 20th July 2018, the School organized “Intensified Diarrhoea Control” activities in which the children and staff of the School worked towards creating awareness of the importance and need of Hand Washing to prevent unfortunate results, due to lack of personal care and hygiene. Washing of hands before and after meals and post toilet use is a must was emphasized upon.
The day commenced with a Class XII student speaking at the morning assembly on the subject highlighting various aspects of the same. Class VII and VIII students imparted knowledge on the importance of Washing Hands and the correct way to do it.
To create further awareness, the students of VI to X made posters for display. The students also sang a jingle on why we must wash our hands at regular intervals.
Graffiti Writing as an activity to imbibe in children the regular habit of washing hands was done in all the sections of Class 10. The students while displaying their efforts also spoke a few lines on the topic.
A movie on the personal care and hygiene was also shown on the School smart-board for the benefit of the entire School.


Visit To The National Science Centre
On 21st July, 2018, a group of 31 students from Classes XI and XII, accompanied by Mr. Varun Gupta, PET, attended a day long workshop, at “Innovation Space” at the National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan. As an introduction, the students were given a brief outline of the idea of innovation and invention. They were then provided with the required materials for the construction of Simple Motor. Under the guidance and expertise of skilled professionals, the kids were able to successfully perform the task, of building the motor on their own. The students a demonstration of a Robot, which had the ability to solve the Rubic’s Cube on its own, using the infrared code technology. The students were allowed to explore the museum later during the day, and also witnessed the energy ball show, which is conducted by the centre itself.


Celebrating Kargil - Vijay Diwas
Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it; it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it." ~ Indian Army
Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated on July 26th every year to commemorate India’s victory in the 1999 Kargil conflict. The intensity of this sentiment of the Armed Forces can be felt by the passion with which the soldiers at the borders fight selflessly, sacrifice their lives and always prioritize the country ahead of their families. We salute this courage, valour and sacrifice of our martyrs and heroes who lost their lives in the Kargil war.
To pay homage to our war heroes and celebrate India’s win in the Kargil war the students of Class 3 presented a special programme in the Morning Assembly. The programme commenced with a speech and a poem recitation for the occasion. This was followed by. A short play was presented by the students commemorating the nation’s victory. All the students were filled with patriotic fervour and respect for our soldiers.

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Science Exhibition
A Science Exhibition was organized on Saturday, 28th July 2018, by the students of Classes VI to VIII. The children showcased a variety of models including 3 Dimensional models, related to curriculum. Amongst the 25 models exhibited, 4 were working models; Food Web, the Sand Clock, Working of the Heart and Light and Shadow, were appreciated by all the visitors. The students smartly explained their conceptualized ideas to the visiting parents and students. The Judges appreciated the interest, initiative, skill and enthusiasm exuded by the students in making the models. The prize winning models very clearly conveyed and defined the scientific concept.
The model on “Fractional Distillation of Petroleum” designed by Ajooni (8D) won the First Prize.
The Second Prize was a tie between “The Human Ear”, by Ritanshi Awasthi (8A) and “Working of the Heart”, by Kanishka Vij (7B).
Three models were declared Third, “Food Web”, designed by Yashvi Bansal (7B) “Nitrogen Cycle”, by Hiten (8E) and “Destructive Distillation of Coal”, by Nishtha (8D).
The Principal, Dr. Anita Puri applauded the students for their persistent hard work to make the Science Exhibition a roaring success.


Health Camp
The School organized a free Health Check-up Camp July 28th. The camp benefitted the neighborhood community as well as the parents of the children visiting the School for the Parent Teacher Meet. The camp attracted multitude of visitors to take advantage of the multifarious diagnostic check-ups organized by leading medical services organizations. BLK Super-Specialty Hospital conducted Orthopedic, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and ENT check-ups. The Dental check-up was organized by Clove Dental, the Eye tests were carried out by Vision Express, and JIVA Ayurveda conducted various Ayurvedic analysis and check-ups. Artemis Hospital conducted the Cancer check-up tests in their Mobile Laboratory Van. This endeavour is an annual feature at the School and is aimed at providing a safe and secure health environment for the citizens. It also brings health state awareness particularly to the deprived population and is a minimum health intervention program for ensuring diagnosis of any disease at an early stage. The Principal, Dr. Anita Puri and Manager, Mrs. Meena Malik personally supervised the activities and ensured that all visitors to the camp were attended to professionally and were administered proper care.

Annual Class Decoration Competition
The complex task of the Annual Class-Room Decoration competition was taken up by the students in the month of July. This constitutive activity exhibited and illustrated their inherent talent generating ideas that lay in their capacity. Some of them were uniquely educational that helped everyone understand their potential. The competition provided an exclusive opportunity to the students of Classes 1 to 12 to unfurl their embryonic perceptions which found meaning in their expression of art and craft and their drawing skills, setting a particular atmosphere in the class room reflecting a warm, inviting tone. It not only exhibited students’ acumen but also empowered them to learn, stimulating their imagination. Children chose a plethora of varied topics that revealed and unveiled their expertise. For example, Intricacies of Nature, Mission to Mars, Engineering Marvels, and Serendipity - that are accidental discoveries, Secularism, Mass Media, Going-Green, Creativity combined with proverbial expressions etc. One could read between the serious efforts and attempts made by them. The articulation and expression of their concepts were completely clear. The essence of their labour was such loud that the Judges themselves were left mesmerized and found it immensely arduous to vocalize their decisions. The winners of the Class Decoration Competition 2018 are -
I Tulip Ms. Gavneet Tandon
II Rose Ms. Shurbi Chopra
III Lily Ms. Neetu
IV Rose Ms. Shalini Madan
V Lily Ms. Pallavi Trikha
VI C Ms. Nidhi Dhamija
VII A Ms. Rekha Ahuja
VIII A Ms. Swati Kaur
IX E Ms. Vibha Prabhakar
X D Ms. Sisira Vishwanath
XI E Ms. Pankaj Rajput
XII A Mr. J. Venkatesan

Fire Fox - Bicycle Activity
The School conducted a Bicycle activity in collaboration with Firefox for the students of Class 1 on 31st July 2018. The activity proved to be a real enjoyment for the students as they were given a chance to ride bicycles. The aim of the activity was to make students aware about the many advantages of riding bicycles. The children were informed that bicycles are not only good for a healthy lifestyle but also help in reducing pollution.




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