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January 2020

Launch of the 31st Indian Road Safety Week 2020
The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways organised the Launch of the 31st Indian Road Safety Week 2020 at Vigyan Bhawan on 13th January 2020. A group of 50 students from Classes 7 and 8 attended the programme. The guests of honour were Shri Rajnath Singh, Defence Minister and Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways. Transport Ministers from various states also attended the ceremony. Shri Gadkari highlighted the cause for accidents and the immediate need to reduce them. He said that areas which are called ‘black spots’ should be worked upon. He urged the gathering to follow the traffic rules and travel safe. He acknowledged the fact that Tamil Nadu is the state with least number of road accidents. This was followed by an on the spot quiz competition in which the students were shown pictures of vehicles on the road and asked to give catchy slogans and were then awarded prizes. The initiative taken by the Ministry of Road Transport created awareness among the students to be safe on the roads. The students were accompanied by Mr Venu Gopal and Ms. Neelam Malhotra.


CBSE Capacity Building Programme - Secondary Assessment
CBSE conducted a Capacity Building Programme in Assessment for Secondary Schools, at Sneh International School Vikas Marg, on 14th January 2020. The objective of the workshop was to update the teachers teaching the Secondary Classes with the latest changes introduced by the CBSE in the assessment and evaluation. It was a refresher for the teachers regarding the multiple intelligence that they have to deal with in a class and the assessment methods to be devised and kept in mind while dealing with students of all types. The resource persons, Ms. Abha Jha also dealt with the variety of question types under Bloom’s Taxonomy to test different faculties such as the memory, understanding, application, analysis, etc. and the strategy to make a balanced paper. Guidelines were also given on marking of internal assessment with regards multiple assessment and portfolio. The teachers shared their experiences in the workshop and the new strategies were learnt in discussion with the other teachers. The workshop was attended by Ms Seema Kapoor (TGT Soc. Science).


INTACH - English Speaking Workshop
INTACH conducted an English Speaking workshop on 11th January, 2020 Saturday at the INTACH Centre, Lodhi Road in collaboration with Pitambar Publications. The Resource Person Ms. Kiran Misra talked at length about methods teachers can implement in their classes to improve public speaking in the students, and how these activities will encourage reluctant speakers to come to the forefront with confidence. The workshop was attended by Ms. Sisira Vishwanath, TGT English.


CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Value Education
The Central Board of Secondary Education organized a one day workshop on Value Education at its Centre of Excellence, Delhi East, on 17th January 2020. Ms. Nita Rastogi, the Resource Person emphasized on imbibing moral and ethical values in students through various activities and real life examples. The informative workshop was attended by Ms. Rakhi Khosl, (TGT Soc. Science).


CBSE Capacity Building Programme - Hubs of Learning - Innovative Methodologies
CBSE conducted a one day Capacity Building Programme for Hubs of Learning Schools, in association with the Aurobindo Society and ZIIEI (Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives) at the B. M. GANGE Girls Senior Secondary School, Rajniwas Marg, on 22/1/2020. The session was conducted by Representatives from ZIIEI on Innovative Paathshala. The main objective of the workshop was to discuss about new teaching techniques and innovative methods which can be used in the classroom without investment and using the existing infrastructure. The informative workshop was attended by Ms. Seema Khetrapal, P.G.T. (Economics) and Coordinator, HOL.


Republic Day Celebrations
The Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur on 24th January 2020. The students of Class I presented Special programme during the Morning Assembly. The School Principal, Dr. Anita Puri and the Manager, Ms. Meena Malik hoisted the Flag. Everyone saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to upholding the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is ‘India’. The choir group presented the patriotic song ‘Hum Hindustani’, to which the whole School joined in and the song reverberated in the surroundings. The students also presented a beautiful dance. Graceful movements of the dancers were spellbinding.


National Voters' Day
National Voters' Day is celebrated in order to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process. The Government of India has decided to celebrate 25th January every year as National Voters' Day. This initiative is expected to give the young a sense of empowerment, pride and inspire them to exercise their franchise. In this regard, on the occasion of National Voters' Day, every voter is expected to take National Voters' pledge for ethical electoral participation. The Voters' Pledge was administered during the School Assembly on Friday, 24th January 2020. All the students and teachers took the oath that they will cast their vote sincerely and fearlessly.


Promoting Reading Literacy
In compliance to CBSE Guidelines to promote Reading Literacy, the School conducted a Reading Activity in both Hindi and English languages, for Classes VIII - X, on 24th January 2020. The initiative taken by the School proved to be fruitful as the students participated whole heartedly and enthusiastically. The reading activity fostered their reading skills and aided them to brush up their intonation, modulation, pronunciation and articulation etc. The Classroom turned into a collaborative reading and learning session where everyone wished to improve one another. The objective of the Reading Contest was achieved as maximum students displayed their earnest efforts while reading and promoting reading literacy.


Donations To The Smile Foundation
Giving is not just about Making a Donation, it is about making a difference, which has always been the aim of Principal Dr. Anita Puri and Manager Ms. Meena Malik. Cambridgeans have always come forward and done their bit. The School donated a sum of Rs.98,693 to the Smile Foundation, which the Foundation will use for helping the underprivileged and needy children. For it's efforts the School and the highest contributing the students were felicitated by the Foundation. The students were awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.


Student Contributors

Kavya (Rose 5) - Contributed Rs,1800/-
Gold Medal 

Ikrab (Tulip 2) - Contributed Rs,1280/-
Silver Medal 

Bhanu Walia (Daisy 3) - Contributed Rs,1200/-
Bronze Medal

Bani Talwar (7D) contributed Rs. 1900/- - Gold Medal
Rachit Berry (6A) contributed Rs. 1500/- -  Silver Medal
Etika (11C) contributed Rs. 1300/- -  Bronze Medal

Free Health Camp
The School organized a Free Health Check-up Camp on Saturday, 25th January, 2020 in collaboration with the BLK Super Specialty Hospital through the initiative Principal. Dr. Anita Puri and Manager, Ms. Meena Malik. The camp, drew an excellent response from the social community and the parents who appreciated the high professional standards of the Doctors and attendants. Dr. Satbir Singh, Senior Cardiologist led the hospital team that organized free consultations with specialists from Orthopedic, ENT, Eye, Dental, Skin, Urology and other wings of the hospital. Blood Pressure, ECG, Random Blood Sugar, Bone Densitometry Tests evinced considerable interest amongst the visitors and parents who lauded the school management for their charitable and benevolent acts. Dr. Batra’s International Homeopathy Healthcare also provided free consultancy to all those interested in identifying their healthcare needs and precautions required thereof. Dr. Anita Puri emphasized the need of leading a healthy life where the benefits of such facilities are made available to every section of the society. She also assured those present that the School shall continue to hold such events at regular intervals in future as well.


Class XII - Farewell
The auditorium of the School echoed with the blessings on the morning of 25 January 2020 to bid farewell to the outgoing batch of Class XII. The seniors received a warm welcome as they entered wearing elegant attire. The function began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the School Manager Ms. Meena Malik. The day was a gala celebration devoted to the years spent together. The students enthusiastically showcased their expertise in dancing and singing. The chief attraction of the grand event was Mr. and Ms. Cambridge Contest where Dhruv Bakshi (12 A) and Charu Sachdeva (12 C) bagged Mr. and Ms. Cambridge titles respectively. The celebrations included myriad distribution of titles keeping in mind their calibre and capability displayed by the students.


Martyr's Day
Martyr's Day was observed at a Special Assembly conducted by the students of Class V to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Nation and the great soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the freedom, welfare and progress of India. The true essence of peace and harmony was highlighted by the students by singing the Bhajan, “Raghupati Raaghav Raja Ram”. This was followed by rhythmic dance performance in which the little soldiers showcased their love and patriotism for their motherland - India.




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