Events - December 2017

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Celebrating Eid-E-Milad - Birth Anniversary of Prophet Mohammed

Class 1
The students of Class 1 celebrated Eid-E-Milad on 1st December 2017. The children were informed that the festival is to observe the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed. Some children spoke a few lines on the importance of the festival and how and why it is celebrated and some recited poems. Children danced to Eid themed songs. The celebrations concluded with the sharing of sweets.


Class 2
Class 2 celebrated Eid-E-Milad with great enthusiasm. The children were looking beautiful in their colourful attire. All the children were very enthusiastic throughout the celebrations, which included the teacher explaining significance of the day. This was followed by many delightful performances by the children. In an Art & Craft activity the children made Posters and Borders on the theme of the festival. The teacher inculcated the feel of oneness and told them to respect all humankind irrespective of their religion.


Class 3
Eid-E-Milad was celebrated with gaiety and fervour by the students of Class 3. The event commenced with a short lecture given by the teacher on the significance of the festivity in the lives of Muslims. The children were looking beautiful in ethnic Muslim attire. Many children came forward and threw light on the life and teachings of Prophet Mohammed’s. They recited urdu poems and sang holy songs. To conclude the children made beautiful wall hangings and posters of the holy Islamic symbol comprising of a star and the crescent moon. The program ended with a happy note with distribution of special dish of the festival “Sewain" among the children.


Class 4
The festival of Eid-E-Milad, commemorating the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed was celebrated with great religious fervour and gaiety by the students of Class 4. The day began with the recitation of a verse from the Holy Quran followed by the teachings of the Prophet. The children made candle cutouts to light their classes with the blessings of the Prophet. The students thanked the almighty and pledged to maintain peace and unity.


Class 5
Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday was celebrated by Class 5 with sobriety and reverence to the great Prophet. Famous quotes were read out and some hymns were sung by students. Later the students shared sweets brought from home by the students. The festivities ended with good thoughts shared by students on the life and teachings of the great saint.


CBSE Capacity Building Workshop on Remodelled Assessment Structure Class X
CBSE organized a Capacity Building Workshop on Remodelled Assessment Structure for Class X at Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi on 20th December 2017. The CBSE Resource person Ms. Girish Choudhary, and Ms. Pallavi Sharma Principal, Mamta Modern School cleared the queries of the participating teachers from various schools. A presentation was shown regarding the marking scheme of various subjects. The resource persons also apprised the attendees on the correct manner of documentation, conducting and assessment of periodic tests etc. During the course of the workshop several activities were conducted to familiarize the participants with the pattern of examinations. The workshop provided an informative insight into the Remodelled Examination Structure. The Workshop was attended by Ms. Gurinder Hakim.


Gift A Tree Campaign
The School over the years has always strived to provide new avenues for an overall development of children. In it’s endeavour to provide new initiatives CFS in association with Times NIE, Smile Foundation and Tropicana organized the “Gift A Tree Campaign”. In the recent Delhi and NCR has been experiencing the heightened levels of pollution and resultant smog in the city, Principal, Dr. Anita Puri and Manager, Ms. Meena Malik encouraged the initiative to spread awareness about the importance of planting trees. The campaign embodied a powerful thought of gifting trees back to nature and an honest effort to help children understand the need to safeguard the environment for their future. Students from Smile Foundation were also a part of the campaign. Dr. Anita Puri lauded the efforts of the organizations and educated the children to maintain their priority towards a cleaner and greener environment.

Christmas Celebrations
Christmas was celebrated with festive gaiety and joy in a Special Assembly conducted on 22nd December 2017. The entire School Assembly vibrated with the echoes of Christmas Carols sung by the Tiny Tots of Class I followed by a beautiful dance number by the little girls dressed as fairies. The School Choir group presented a melodious Christmas song. The green, white and red colours dominated the corridors and the class rooms of the Primary Wing which were beautifully decorated with bells, wreathes and Christmas trees. Various activities were conducted in the Primary Section to reflect the zeal of the festival. Principal, Dr. Anita Puri and Manager, Ms. Meena Malik wished the children and shared in the joy of the Christmas spirit.

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Medical Health Check-Up Camp
The School organized a Free Medical Health Check-Up Camp in collaboration with the NGO, MIW Foundation on Saturday, 23rd December, 2017. A team of Doctors and Paramedical staff from ARTEMIS Hospital conducted ENT and Cardiac Check-Up tests (including BP, Random Blood Sugar, ECG, etc.). Cancer Screening was done by a team from the Delhi State Cancer Institute. The Dental check-ups were done by Clove Dental, eyes by Vision Express and Body Fat Analysis by the House Of Wellness. A large number of parents and grandparents benefitted from the event. CFS has always been providing such humanitarian Services under the able leadership of Principal, Dr. Anita Puri and Manager, Ms. Meena Malik for the society and will continue such endeavours with dedication and compassion.


National Summit on Child Safety, Protection and Mental Health in Schools
Expressions India, organized the 1st National Summit on Child Safety, Protection and Mental Health in Schools on 22nd Dec. 2017 at the Moolchand Medcity. The primary aim of the workshop was to shed light on various child related issues; such as; Comprehensive Mental Health in Indian Schools, Implementation of the POSCO Act 2012 and the challenges faced, Paradigms of School Counseling and Special Needs Services. The Resource Person, Dr. Jitendra Nagpal also stressed on prioritizing and monitoring evaluation systems for Behavioral & Emotional safety of students. He also encouraged the attendees to share their experiences of students counseling practices. The workshop provided a good insight into most aspects of student behaviour. Ms. Neelam Malhotra (TGT) represented the School at the workshop.


Workshop on ADHD - Identification and Intervention
The Max Super Speciality Hospital, Pitampura organized a Workshop on Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder (ADHD) - Early Identification and Intervention on 22nd December 2017. Renowned Psychologists from Max Hospital highlighted on identification of students with ADHD problem and the strategies to overcome such challenges in the classroom. Counselors from different Schools also shared their experiences. The informative and enriching Workshop was attended by Ms. Seema Khetrapal, (PGT).


CBSE Capacity Building Programme - Mathematics for Class X
CBSE conducted a 2 day Capacity Building Workshop on Class X Mathematics on 27th and 28th December 2017, at Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh. The primary objective of the workshop was to provide a platform for professional development and subject based interaction among the teachers. Mr Neeraj Saxena, DPS, Vidyut Nagar, Dadri, and Mrs Mukta Sahay, GD Goenka, Dwarka, were the resource persons for this workshop. The programme was inaugurated by Ms. Heema H. Bhat, Principal, Hansraj Model School, on the note “Everyone can rise above their circumstances & achieve success if they are dedicated and passionate about what they do – Nelson Mandela”. The 2 day CBP on Mathematics was divided into several sections; Teaching of Mathematics, Planning to Teach, Hands on experience, Challenging areas & common errors in mathematics, Teaching diverse learners, Assessment and Evaluation, Sample Paper discussion and Gender Sensitization. The overall experience was enriching and provided useful insights to the attendees. Mr. Vikram Singh, TGT (Mathematics) attended the workshop.


Graduation Day
The Graduation Day was celebrated on 30 December 2017 during the morning hours in the School auditorium. This auspicious occasion delineated honour and love showered upon the outgoing batch (2017-18) of Class XII students. The programme was held in the benign presence of the revered Ms. Sheila Verma and the School Manager, Ms. Meena Malik. Mementoes were presented to the Class XII students as a token of remembrance and appreciation by Manager Madam, making the students fill up with overwhelming emotions and thanksgiving. The parents as well as Class XII students expressed their heart-rendering and thought-provoking opinions. The students of Class XI showcased their exuberance and fervour on the stage with their singing prowess and spectacular acting acumen. The Nostalgic Moments was a breathtaking event. Students were enthralled as they were taken down the memory lane. The event concluded with an enriching thought by Ms. Meena Malik, that set the right tone of optimism and sanctity.