Events - December 2015

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Library Week - Classes 1 - 5
Class 1 - Rhyme Enactment
The students of Class 1 came up on stage attired in colourful and bright outfits. They enacted various rhymes such as If you are happy, God's love is so wonderful, Clap your hands together, etc. Each section was represented by two teams. The criteria for judging the teams were confidence, content, voice modulation and overall presentation. The winning teams were:
1. If you are happy - Yogita Kalra, Saishree Khanna, Janya, & Mandeep
2. God's Love - Sujana, Kanak Sharma, Arushki, & Jeevika
3. You are my sunshine - Aryan Bobal, Devansh Kumar, & Sanskriti Arora
Class 2 - Enactment of A Moral Story
The theme of the programme was 'Enactment of Moral Stories'. The programme commenced with traditional lamp lighting by the School Manager Ms. Meena Malik and the esteemed judges of the day.A total of 21 teams participated in the event. The audience were enthralled by the outstanding performance and confidence of the participants. Section Lily and Lotus secured the 1st and the 2nd positions respectively.
Class 3 - Speeches by Famous Personalities
The theme of the Class 3 Library Week Inter Section competition was Speeches by Famous Personalities. Students came dressed up as famous people spoke about the personality which they were portraying. The content, costume, confidence, accent, pronunciation and voice modulation were the forte of the students that decided the best three out of 28 participants -
First - Vanshika (Tulip 3)
Second - Shravil Shaklya (Jasmine 3)
Third - Aditya Sethi (Tulip 3)
Class 4 - Couplets & Doha Recitation
Class IV had Dohas & Couplets recitation as the theme for the Libray Week competition. 5 students from each section participated in the competition. Three students recited English couplets and two recited Dohas of famous poets while also explaining their meaning. Clarity, voice modulation & expressions were the aspects that decided the best 3 participants out of a total of 35. The winners were -
English Couplets - 1st - Divyanshi Kalra (Lily IV), 2nd - Drishti Bansal (Tulip IV), 3rd - Muskan Goel (Lotus IV )
Hindi Doha's - 1st - Kashish (Tulip IV), 2nd - Sarthak Khera (Jasmine IV), 3rd - Arsh Juneja (Jasmine IV)
Class 5 - Puppet Recitation
The Class 5 Library Week topic was Puppet Recitation. The event witnessed students dressed and acting as puppets enacting poems recited both in English and Hindi. The theme of the poems was Nature. Innovative ideas, creative skills, dramatisation were the key features for deciding the best three teams out of 35 participating teams.
1st- Vanshika, Lakshita (Jasmine 5)
2nd- Bhavika Sharma, Gaurav Pasrija (Tulip 5)
3rd- Soham, Ajooni Kaur (Rose 5)


CBSE Activity - World Disability Day
3rd December is observed as Disability Day the world over. The School, commemorated this day by conducting a host of activities. Students of Classes 6 - 8, designed very imaginative and creative posters depicting how equitable opportunities can be granted to persons less privileged than us. Thought provoking and appropriate slogans were also written by the students of these classes on "Prevention of Discrimination and ensuring equitable opportunities for them". The students of Class 9 & 10 performed a street play on "Participation of persons with disability in building a nation", promoting an empathetic understanding of challenges faced by children. An elocution activity was also carried out, in which students spoke on the recognition of 3rd December as World Disability Day. The students of Class 11 conducted a debate on "Inclusion V/s Marginalisation" of the disabled. The students of Class 12 wrote meaningful essays on "Disability Provisions in India", which highlighted the provisions of our State Policy to provide and secure provisions for the disabled.


Heritage Site Adoption - Darya Khan's Tomb
As a part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the School adopted the Heritage Site, the Darya Khan Tomb, which is a symbol of our history and culture. The tomb had been built for Darya Khan who was the Chief Justice in the reign of Bahlol Khan Lodi, of the Lodhi Dynasty and dates back to 1451 - 1526. The School as part of its adoption process organized a cleanliness drive under the nuances of the Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan. A group of 40 students accompanied by 3 teachers visited the monument on 7th December, 2015. The students along with the teachers divided into groups, and using the cleaning equipment provided by the officials of the Archaeological Society of India and caretakers of the monument, cleaned up the area, with enthusiasm and zeal. The task was completed with a meticulous attention to detail. Their efforts were highly appreciated by the caretakers and the ASI officials..


Next Genius Critical Thinking Olympiad 2015
In the Next Genius Critical Thinking Olympiad 2015, Devum Pruthi (9) and Kheelit Pruthi of (11) were in the top 5% of the 17,600 candidates who appeared, while Aditya Ranjan (9) was in the top 10%. Devum Pruthi who topped the test conducted all over India and has been shortlisted for a Pioneer Academy Global Research Programme Scholarship with the value of approx. Rs.5 Lacs.


Science Festival
India International Science Festival conducted a Mega Science Event at IIT- Hauz Khas from 4th - 8th December, 2015. 15 students from Classes 9 & 10 attended the event. The highlights of the event were Practical Science Laboratory Demonstration, Teaching Aid Demonstration, Science Gadgets for Play and Learning etc. 'Inspire Science Projects' from all over India were displayed which roused the curiosity of one and all. The Practical Level Science Exhibition was very informative. The students also got an opportunity to see a A Mobile Bus Lab. It was a great learning experience for the students.


Math Workshop
A Workshop on Maths was conducted by Dr. Pallavi Kaul at Piccadily, Janakpuri on 5th Dec, 2015 and was attended by Ms. Ruchi Mahajan and Ms. Priyanka Mishra. The Objective of the workshop was to, Make learning maths easy through innovative techniques, Using a Constructive approach, Making Mathematical sense through examples based on ELPS i.e, Explanation, Language, Pictures & Symbols, Implenting Co-relational learning i.e. using examples from other subjects and generating a Mathematical vocabulary by using different names for symbols. Discussions on Problem solving methods, learning tables through modern techniques and use of teaching aids and technology made the workshop informative and educational.


Commerce Workshop
The School's Commerce faculty attended a Special Enrichment Session on “Gearing up for the Boards” on 12th December 2015. The session was initiated by the General Secretary, Dr. Dinesh Madan, Navyug School and Founder of Commerce Teacher Association. He discussed the various changes in the syllabus thoroughly. Dr. Dinesh also emphasized on how to incorporate the changes project work. Tips for last minute preparation for Board Exams were also exchanged among the teachers present. The workshop was both educative and informative.

Ganit Week - 16th December - 22nd December 2015

To observe and commemorate the 128th birth anniversary of Dr. Srinivas Aiyangar Ramanujan on 22nd December, CFS celebrated the Ganit Week from the 16th to 22nd December. Various activities based on Mathematics were organized and conducted in all the classes from 1 to 12.

16th December - Classes I - 5
The students participated in interesting and innovative events such as the Math Relay. A Quiz was also held for each Class based on their Math curriculum. The activities not only created an awareness about Ramanujan but it also helped in reducing the phobia on the subject, which was clearly evident from the large participation by the students in all events.

Classes 6 - 8
The students participated in the Math Relay Race, in which the students were divided into 8 groups. A series of questions were prepared according to their grade level. The students answered the questions and moved to the next stage. The winning students were given token prizes to acknowledge their aptitude in Mathematics. The Prize Winners were -
Class 6
1st - Nitish Mandolia, 2nd - Kunal Kanojia, 3rd - Ansh Arora
Class 7
1st - Samaksh Monga, 2nd - Krishna Soni, 3rd - Kshitij Mathur
Class 8
1st - Akash Rai, 2nd - Sauryadeep, 3rd - Priyanshu Anand

17th December 2015
The students of Classes 6 - 8 were given Mathematical Puzzles, Rubiks Cube and the Magic Square to solve. Unsolved puzzles were uploaded on the smart boards. The students copied these down on A-4 size sheets. They made 4 by 4 grid square and solved the puzzles by using different coloured pens. The students had an interesting solving the puzzles.

18th December 2015
The students of Classes 9 - 12 participated in interactive (Activity based) sessions on various topics such as Pascal's Triangle, Vedic Maths, etc. The activities were uploaded on Smart Boards. The activities saw mass participation by the students. The activities which was greatly enjoyed by all, catered to both the average and above average students.

19th December 2015
A Quiz was conducted in Classes 6 - 8. The questions prepared were based on their syllabus and their knowledge of basic concepts. The students were excited and participated with enthusiasm. They worked as a team and all the students participated in the discussion. The students enjoyed the activity thoroughly.

21st December 2015
As Sudoku and Kakuro are popular brain games, students are usually given the practice of solving these puzzles during the Maths Club period. A competition to solve Sudoku (Easy Level) in minimum time was conducted. Students took keen interest in the competition. The Winning team was able to solve the puzzle in a time of 5.15 minutes.

22nd December 2015
The students of Classes 6 - 8 were asked to make a project of a Rectangle's Dimensions using the Golden Ratio. The golden ratio is a special number found by dviding a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by longer part. The students were amazed to verify this fact.


English Workshop
An English workshop was organized on December 19th 2015 at the N.K. Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka by the Oxford University Press. The workshop dealt with changes that are going to be incorporated in the Formative and Summative Assessments and also explained about the evaluation process. The spokesperson also threw light on the Literature section for Classes 9 and 10. The workshop was attended by Ms. Loveleena Suri.


Workshop - Effective English Learning
The Orient Black Swan Publications in collaboration with Buzzword organized an English Workshop at the India International Centre, on 19th December 2015. The resource person Dr. Samson Thomas talked at length about empowering the English language classroom ad strengthening the role of teachers. The teachers were briefed about various effective techniques to help students retain grammar rules. The workshop focused on emphasizing communication skills amongst students. Stress was laid on making students critical thinkers and autonomous learners. The teachers were asked to help students do away with rote learning. The workshop was attended by Ms. Sisira Vishwanath

Cyclist Safety Event
"Be of Service- whether you make yourself available to a friend or a co-worker or you take out time every month to do volunteer work."
There is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of Service to someone in need. Keeping in mind the ongoing celebrations of the Golden Jubilee year, the School, under the guidance of Principal Mrs. Anita Puri, organised a "Cyclist Safety Event", roadside camp on main Mayapuri Road, in front of Maya Enclave, on 20th December2015, between 4 pm to 8pm, in collaboration with "Humari Udaan" an N.G.O. and by the alumni of the school.
During winters many cyclists return home from work after dark. This can be potentially dangerous as a lot of them have no visibility enhancing devices. The purpose of this camp was to paste high reflectivity stickers on the cycles, free of cost, so that the cyclists are better visible to motorists at night. The staff and students were divided into 8 groups under a team leader who initially showed how and where to paste the stickers. Volunteer badges were also provided and the exercise was conducted smoothly. This event turned out to be a great success with enthusiastic participation from the Staff and the Students of the School.

Workshop On Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills Training
Expressions India, on 21st December 2015, conducted a workshop on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, at the Moolchand Medcity. The key resource person, Dr. Jitendra Nagpal (Sr. Consultant Psychiatrist & Incharge), emphasised about low moods, stress, anxiety and how CBT can be helpful in resolving these issues. He also focused on introducing a number of tools that would help a person to build up his own "tool bag" which will provide his some skills to manage the mood. "The Deconstructing of Attitudes underlying Anger" were discussed by Dr. Vandana Tara. The workshop was attended by Ms. Seema Punhani.

Celebrating Christmas

Class 1
The festival of Christmas was celebrated with gaiety and joy by the students of Class 1. They were made aware of the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. The students were attired as Santa Claus and Angels. Various activities were conducted such as the Santa mask making, Christmas Tree decoration. The young ones recited poems and enacted plays related to the birth of Christ. They sang carols and danced to the tunes of Jingle Bells.

Class 2
The festival of Christmas was celebrated by students of class 2 with great enthusiasm. The whole class wore a festive look and was beautifully decorated. The students sang carols and danced to the tunes of 'Joy to the world' and 'Jingle Bells'. The numerous Santa Clauses created a happy and pleasant atmosphere by dancing along with the students. They participated in activities like-poem recitation, Christmas wreath making and colouring a mask of Santa . Teachers and students shared their views about the festival. Gifts were exchanged by the students and a class party was organised. The day was full of fun and laughter.

Class 3
The students of Class 3 celebrated Christmas with jubilation and radiance. They were looking sparkling and astounding in red and white attire. They sang carols and decorated the Christmas tree and the bell. Students exchanged gifts and sweets with each other. It was a joyful day for all.

Class 4
Christmas was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, positivity and happiness by the students of Class 4. Students came dressed as Santa and then the classrooms and the Christmas trees were decorated. Groups of students made greeting cards. It was a fun filled activity. They also learnt working in groups. Stories about Jesus Christ and Mother Mary were narrated in the classes. All the students were very interested in the stories and this interactive session went very well. The morning assembly was conducted by Class 4 and for this, a song was prepared, which was enjoyed by the entire School.

Class 5
All the sections of Class 5 were decorated in a complete festive mood. Children adorned in Red Santa Caps added flavour to it. The children made lovely Santa masks and Christmas trees with hand print cutouts. They sang melodious carols which were truly mesmerising. The students celebrated the day with gaiety and joy.


Inspire Science Camp
The Inspire Science Camp was organised under the auspices of the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, was conducted from 19th December, 2015 to 23rd December, 2015. The students attended a series of ten lectures delivered by renowned and highly qualified professors from various branches of science. The lecture sessions were followed by hands-on-training sessions in which students were taken to well equipped state of the art labs and performed various experiments under expert guidance. The session culminated with a visit to International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Bio-Technology at IIT, Delhi. In the valedictory session, certificates of participation were awarded to the students by Prof. Deepak Pental, former Vice Chancellor of elhi University. The camp was attended by students of Class 11 of the Science stream. It was a great learning experience for the students and stimulated a drive in them to pursue a career in pure sciences.


Class 12 - Graduation Day
Cambridge Foundation School organized the Graduation Day for the outgoing Class 12 on the 26th of December, 2015. Graduation is merely a concept as the process of learning goes on until the last day of one's life. After the customary diya lightning ceremony, the children marched into the auditorium with lit candles in their hands, symbolizing perseverence and patience, as the candle consumes itself to diminish the darkness. The School Principal, Ms. Anita Puri addressed the gathering. A few parents and students also spoke about their experiences with the School. Citations were conferred upon the students of Class 12 by the School Manager, Ms. Meena Malik and the School Principal. It was a rich experience for the parents as well as students who actually revisited their exuberant past in the nostalgic moment. The vibrant scholars of Class 11 presented a medley that enthralled the audience. The Graduation Ceremony initiates the students for the great leap ahead into the real world from a protective environment, and has become a tradition and culture at CFS. The children enjoy being individually identified and the attention that they get and this also boosts their morale.