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April 2019

Class 1 Orientation Day
The Orientation Day for the children of Class I and their parents was held in the School Auditorium on Saturday 30th March’2019. After the customary welcome, the School Anthem was played. Thereafter, the Parents were presented with an overview of the School that provides for an excellent opportunity with the transition from the home to school. Parents were informed that at CFS their children have the opportunity to get great education. The importance, of building positive relationships and experiences in the earlier years were highlighted. They were briefed through a formal presentation of the CFS’s emphasis on the total development of the child and that the School provides a holistic education to maximise the potential of every child while equally developing a strong moral character. The rules and regulations were detailed and every subject teacher enumerated the philosophy and content of their subject. The School’s focus on digital learning was dwelled upon at length. A special interactive session with parents was held by highly qualified Dr. Manju Mehta, a renowned Professor and Consultant and Dr. Sapna Zarwal, a famous child Psychologist in dealing with Special Learning Abilities.



Celebrating World Health Day
On 6th April, 2019 the School celebrated World Health Day. The theme of the Day was Maintaining Good & Sound Health. The event began with an address by a 12th class student in the morning Assembly. The key points highlighted in the talk were that we should improve sanitation hygiene in order to create a healthier environment and reduce the risk for disease exposure & infection. Our body's immune system can fight a disease better & faster if we get immune. Communicable diseases like HIV, Hepatitis A, B & C, measles and blood borne illnesses are caused by viruses that people spread to one another through contact. Students of classes 3 to 5 made beautiful Posters depicting benefits of good & personal hygiene, keeping our body clean, benefits of immunization, hand washing , drinking more water & eating green for good health. Many students of class 6 to 8 participated in Slogan writing covering the theme of the Day. The best Slogans were – Take a shower ….kill the Bugs, Cleanliness is next to Godliness, Hygiene is there where Cleanliness is there. The celebration concluded with the presentation of a movie on Health & Hygiene all the classes. The main focus of the movie was how an individual is exposed to various communicable diseases by coming in contact with blood products, consuming contaminated water or eating food that is contaminated by the virus. It also showed the personal benefits of good hygiene and having better health. Throughout the day, a well-developed involvement of pupils was discerned. Through this they learnt how to keep themselves healthy.


Awakened Citizen Programme - Workshop on Value Education.
The Ramakrishna Mission conducted a 4 day programme - entitled Awakened Citizen Programme on Value Education on 5th and 6th April and on 8th, 9th April. The main focus of the mission was to reinforce the unique and universal possibilities which are the essence of every human being and to focus on how universal possibilities can transform ordinary people into extraordinary human beings. In this session the class facilitation tool adopted by the awakened citizen program was explained in detail. This would help the students to imbibe values for life. The workshop was attended by Ms. Kanika Juneja, Ms. Meena Bhatia and Ms. Rakhi Khosla.


Orientation Day - Class 9
On Saturday, 6th April 2019, an Orientation Program for the Class 9 students and parents was held in the School Auditorium. The program was aimed to apprise the students and parents about the remodleled assessment system of study prescribed by CBSE. The induction program provided the all vital information, the scheduling, the routine, changes in the curriculum and the amendments in the manner in which the exams will be conducted. The teachers defined and illustrated the Marking System, the Grading Scales, the Percentage Structure and distribution of Academic Session. The programme also highlighted the role of Health and Physical education in a child's life and the various avenues provided by the School in these areas. Safety and Security measures followed by School inside and outside its premises were also discussed. The program concluded with an informative discussion on Speech and Hearing problems among children by Dr. Ruchika Mittal, a well-known Speech Therapist. The Orientation Programme was concluded by a Parent Teacher Meet.


Button Dabao, Desh Banao
As India goes to polls across seven phases, Network 18 the largest News network, in association with R P Sanjiv Goenka group launched 'Button Dabao, Desh Banao', an initiative to encourage people from all walks of life to cast their vote. The event was held on the first day of the 7 Phase polling process, on 11th April 2019. The eminent personalities who graced the occasion were Ms. Sonal Mansingh Member of Rajya Sabha, Ms. Shivani Wazir Pasricha, Ms. Advaita Kala and Mr. Dilip Cherian. They motivated the gathering to come out and exercise their right to vote. The CEC of India, Mr. Sunil Arora also urged the gathering to ask the people to vote as at the press of a single button, every citizen participates in the democratic process of electing the government. The programme inspired the people you promised to vote and raise voters' turnout percentage. The event was attended by Ms. Uma Gandhi.


Baisakhi Celebrations
A special assembly was conducted by the students of Classes 4 and 5 to celebrate Baisakhi, the harvest festival with lots of exuberance and fanfare on 12th April, 2019. A student threw some light on the importance of this festival followed by a scintillating performance on the tunes of Punjabi Bhangra Dhol, which was the highlight of the day. The mood in the School premises was upbeat. Students were totally involved in the festive spirit. They were apprised about the significance of the festival. The primary students also had a special interactive session (Click here for Details) in which they crafted colourful buntings, dhols etc. and also shared the traditional Punjabi food. The idea of celebrating various festivals in the School is to teach students to live in harmony and peace.


Orientation Day - Class 6
The Orientation Day for the students and Parents of Class 6 was held on 13th April, 2019 in the School Auditorium. After the customary welcome and the School Anthem, the students and the parents were apprised about the remodelled assessment pattern of curriculum as prescribed by CBSE under Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Areas. They were briefed through a formal presentation with the detailed subject-wise outline of the marking scheme during the two terms. The orientation also highlighted the role of Health & Physical Education in a child’s life and the safety & security measures adopted by the School. A special informative and interactive session was conducted by Dr. Sakshi Kansal, Sr. Child Psychologist with Mom’s Belief on the issues related with the children. The workshop was highly appreciated by the parents. The programme concluded with a Parents Teacher Meeting.


World Heritage Day
A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational and economic legacies, with an aim to raise awareness among students about the diversity of our heritage across the world and to sensitize them to protect historical monuments, The students of Classes 4 and 5 presented a special programme in the morning assembly on 18th April 2019, urging the students to preserve our Heritage. In classrooms activities, the students of Class 3 splashed their artistic skills by drawing, colouring and creating collage with beautiful pictures of dresses related to different states of India, whereas the students of Classes 4 and 5 drew and coloured posters of famous Indian heritage sites. They all enjoyed and learnt, how vast and diverse our culture is.


Celebrating Earth Day
Everything in the world around us is built upon the Earth, grows on the Earth, or depends on the environment of the Earth in some or the other way. As Earth is the only planet where life is possible so it becomes our duty to save our Mother Earth. Keeping this in mind, the Earth Day was celebrated at Cambridge Foundation School with great zeal and zest on 22nd April. Principal Dr. Anita Puri, planted a tree to commemorate the occasion. A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Class 3, in which the students presented their views about the importance of saving Earth and the measures that can be adopted to save our planet Earth, which was followed by a graceful dance performance showcasing different elements of mother Earth. It was appreciated and enjoyed by all.
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Accountancy Workshop
Sultan Chand Educational Publishers organized a workshop on Changes in the Accountancy Syllabus and Changes in the Question paper pattern for the Session 2019-20, on 27th April 2019 at the Indian Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodhi Road. The session was initiated by Dr. G. S. Grewal, an eminent author of Accountancy books. He discussed changes in the syllabus thoroughly with all the teachers. The session was then taken over by Professor R. K. Khosla, faculty member of the Institute of Companies Secretaries of India (ICSI). He discussed changes in Accountancy Question paper pattern and framing MCQs for the exams. Dr. G. S. Grewal and Mr. R. K. Khosla also explained different methods of making students understand the modifications and updates in the syllabus and how to manage time during exam. The session was really educative and informative. The workshop was attended by Ms. Sonal Vij and Mr. Mukesh Ahluwalia.


Caring For The Environment
The Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh organized a one day workshop on Caring For The Environment on 25th April. The Resource Person, Dr. Samir Parikh, apprised the attendees on various activities and projects that could be conducted in the School to make children more aware of the importance of our environment and help them become responsible and caring citizens. He discussed aspects related to activities, discussions, plastics, recycling and how the School plays an important in spreading the message. The workshop was attended by Ms. Shaily Bhagel.




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