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April 2018

Orientation Day - Class 9
An Orientation Programme was conducted for the parents of Class 9 on 7th April 2018, to apprise the parents about the re-modelled assessment scheme of examination as the Board exams have been reintroduced in Class X from 2017-18. The parents were informed about the assessment of scholastic and co scholastic areas, so that both the ward and the parents prepare for the complete syllabus at the end of term with ease and confidence. Apart from the curriculum details Parents were also briefed about the Sports, Health, and Counselling Facilities available in the School. Parents were also given detailed information about the safety and security of the children. The programme concluded with the induction PTM by the respective class teachers.


Celebrating End Plastic Pollution Week
As the world continues to grow so does the amount of garbage that people discard? As plastic is non biodegradable it remains in the same form without degenerating. This pollution is biting living creature. It’s time that people became aware of the situation. From 10th April to 16th April, Special Assemblies were conducted to highlight Plastic Pollution. The students emphasized the effects of Plastic Pollution with the help of posters, showcasing themes such as; End Plastic Pollution, Stop Oceanic Plastic Pollution. The students were apprised of how plastic bags can be used to make Cushions. The children also displayed the best use of Plastics by making flower pots. The students emoted their feelings through a Song and a Sanskrit poem. The students performed a Street Play to focus on plastic pollution and its harmful effects. They created awareness on Reuse, Recycle and Reduce of plastic by taking a Pledge in which everyone participated. Students were shown presentations in Class depicting the concept of End Plastic Pollution.


Celebrating Baisakhi & Ambedkar Jayanti
On the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti and Baisakhi, a special assembly was conducted by the students of Classes 4 and 5 with lots of exuberance and fanfare on 13th April, 2018. The students highlighted the life and work of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar followed by a scintillating performance on the tunes of Punjabi Bhangra Dhol, which was the highlight of the day. The mood in the School premises was upbeat. Students were totally involved in the festive spirit. They were apprised about the significance of both the festivals. The primary students also had a special interactive session in which they crafted masks of lion out of paper plates, made bookmarks with quotes of Baba Saheb and also shared the traditional Punjabi food. The idea of celebrating various festivals in the School is to teach students to live in harmony and peace.

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Celebrating World Heritage Day

Class 1
The students of Class 1 celebrated World Heritage Day with great pride and honour. The celebrations began with a short introduction given by the teachers in their respective classes highlighting the importance of this day. The students were informed that every year on 18th April, World Heritage Day is celebrated to enhance awareness of the importance of cultural heritage of mankind, and redouble efforts to protect and conserve the human heritage. A short movie was also shown to the students.

Class 2
Class 2 celebrated “World Heritage Day” with great zeal and gusto. The teachers briefed the aim behind the celebrations and emphasized the responsibility to preserve the heritage not only for ourselves but for the next generations to come. On this special day teachers talked about our heritage and conducted a craft activity in which children drew famous monuments and discussed the way to preserve them. Overall celebration was the great learning for the young and growing brains.

Class 3
Class 3 celebrated, World Heritage Day through a Poster Making activity. The children drew famous Heritage monuments of India. A few students spoke about the monuments they had drawn. The teacher also spread awareness about the significance of the day and how they can protect the monuments for future generations. The celebrations helped children to learn more about the importance of different monuments.

Class 4
In order to make children aware about the importance of the cultural heritage and its preservation World Heritage Day was celebrated by the students of Class 4. The teacher inspired the students to do small things at their end to save the heritage sites. Students collected information about various monuments of India and participated in an Art competition which was organized in the class. They pledged to strive earnestly to preserve their glorious heritage.

Class 5
World Heritage Day was celebrated with great zeal in Class 5. A few students came wearing large charts and drawings of different monuments of India and spoke lines about the same. It came out to be knowledgeable and informative for the students.


Sanjhi - Heritage Workshop At Humanyun's Tomb
A group of students from Classes 6 to 8, attended a Heritage Workshop on Sanjhi (Traditional paper cutting craft), Mughal Floral Painting, Nurture Nature, Calligraphy on 18th April 2018, at the Humanyun’s Tomb, which is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The students also participated in an On-the-Spot Quiz Competition. As part of the workshop the children were also taken for a Heritage Walk of the Tomb by community heritage volunteers from Sair-e-Nizamuddin. It was indeed a great learning and enjoyable experience for all the students. The children were accompanied by Ms. Neelam Malhotra.


Once Upon A Time - Story Telling Workshop
Children have an innate love for stories. Story telling is a unique way for students to enhance understanding and communication. A workshop on Story Telling was organized for Classed 3 to 5, by Pitambar Publishers in collaboration with Story Walla, Bangalore, on 8th April 2018 in the School auditorium. The session was indeed valuable and distinct. The children found it really interesting and were engrossed in the stories which were told to them with creative gestures and facial expressions. The appropriate use of voice modulation and body language infused passion, enhanced imagination and expression and introduced children to new horizons of story telling by Ms. Trupti, the Story Teller. Overall this session helped the young souls for creative thinking.


Creating Awareness about the Ill-Effects of Blue Whale Game
The School has given solemn dimensions to bring awareness amongst the children about the ill-effects of The Blue Whale Game. Having a strong belief and conviction in that it has to be tackled adroitly, several measures have been taken to confront the challenges posed by this game. The students too participated in bringing the message home with immense enthusiasm. At Special Assemblies held between 17th April to 21st April, 2018, the various effective activities were carried out. On the first two days the entire fraternity, both the educators and students took a pledge on diligently adhering to online ethics. During the Club and Activity periods, all students made meaningful banners on; Internet Ethics, Cyber Laws and Safety Measures and the Harmful Effects of the Blue Whale Game. On Wednesday, 18th April, a group of students eloquently expressed their views on how to avoid this dangerous Blue Whale Game. A Ramp Walk with students holding banners, moving elegantly with backdrop music emphasizing on the need to adopt online ethics was held on Thursday, 19th April. Again, on Friday, 20th April, a Street Play emphasizing why we opt to follow Cyber laws, Internet ethics, Safety measures and relevant inputs on what all to avoid online was performed. On the final day, a short animated PPT was shown to students of Classes 6 to 12, on the Effect of Online Games on the minds and their negative impact. A Talk on Do’s and Don’ts of Online Gaming was delivered to send the message home.


Orientation Programme - Class 6
The Orientation Programme for the Parents and students of Class 6 was held on 21st April, 2018 in the School Auditorium. The parents and the children were welcomed by the School Principal Dr. Anita Puri and the School Manager Ms. Meena Malik. The teachers introduced themselves and apprised the gathering of the scholastic and co-scholastic activities conducted in the School in order to create the right atmosphere of joy, freedom and creativity which will generate an ideal environment to initiate the process of learning. Parents were briefed on the curriculum pattern of the school that constitutes of two broad areas-Scholastic and Co-scholastic. The Parents were informed by Subject Teachers on the salient points of examination system and formulation of result in Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas. The aim of the system is to grade students not only in their academic achievements but also in their cognitive, physical and psychological skills. Parents were also informed about the School security system along with the medical facilities provided to the students.


Knowlesdge Summit - New Era Public School
New Era Public School, Mayapuri organized A Knowledge Summit workshop on 21st April 2018, to enrich student’s lives on 21st April 2018. The Knowledge Summit was conducted in two sessions. The first session speakers were Ms. Ila Lumba, President, Laksh Foundation and Dr. Sandhya Bhalla, Director, DCCW, who spoke on Community Women Empowerment. In the second session, Dr. Ashwani Chopra, Gastroenterologist, Aashlok Hospital spoke on the topic - The Road To Holistic Health. A group of ten students of Class 10 accompanied by Mr. Varun Gupta, PET, attended the workshop which provided a very informative experience.


Intach – Teacher's Training Workshop on Delhi's Heritage
A Teacher’s Workshop was organized by Intach on Delhi’s Heritage on 24th April 2018, at Lodhi Estate. The proceedings began with a short film on Heritage Education and Communication Services. Ms. Purnima Datt, Principal Director, Intach, spoke on the importance of Heritage. Problems related to Delhi’s Heritage and its conversation were discussed by Prof. A G K Menon. Other dignatories Dr. Narayani Gupta, Ms. Gita Wahi Dua, Dr. Vasant Kr Swarankar all apprised the attendees of various important heritage sites and the importance of maintaining these sites, and also about the archaeological excavations that have taken place in and around Delhi. All the teachers were given an informative hand book “Dilli Ki Shaan”. The enlightening workshop was attended by Ms. Uma Gandhi.


Celebrating Earth Day

Class 1
Earth Day was celebrated by the students of Class 1, with immense enthusiasm. The Class teachers explained the importance of our home planet, Earth. The students were informed of various ways by which our Planet can be protected kept clean. Videos related to same were shown to the kids in their classes. They were encouraged to express their thoughts regarding this. In the end poster making activity on “EARTH DAY” was conducted in the class.

Class 2
Class 2 celebrated Earth Day with a great zeal and enthusiasm. The student gained good knowledge about why Earth Day is celebrated and actively participated in the interaction held over Earth Day. They displayed their interest in making drawings which depicted the ideas that they have grasped about earth day. It was a commendable activity in which they learnt to save Mother Earth.

Class 3
Earth day was celebrated on 22nd April 2018 by the students of Class 3 to showcase environmental education, highlight efforts and to green the Earth. The children made posters on Earth Day depicting on how to save the Earth. A few students spoke lines and presented their views on saving the Earth. The teacher briefed them about how and why we should save the Earth through various presentations shown on the smart board.

Class 4
Earth Day was celebrated on 21st April, 2018, by the children of Class 4. To mark the day, the students came dressed in green and blue themed attire. They were educated on different environmental issues and about the various ways to protect Mother Earth, through smart boards. An activity was also conducted in the class in which the students made posters and wrote slogans conveying messages to save Earth. They also shared their views and concern on saving our Earth. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the activity and participated with great enthusiasm.



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